Applewhite O = Herman O

(G.W.) #1

Just finished watching Texas lose to OSU.
That jet sweep, inside handoff, and short passing game are completely ineffective against teams with Team Speed on D.
I watched OSU blow up the bubble screens fairly often.

This O is a ball control O that takes massive discipline, no penalties, and no turnovers.

It really speaks to how luck Herman was to have Ward Jr.



G Ward was the difference along with Orlando’s defense. Having a playmaking QB covers up a lot of flaws.

I’m telling you, when Orlando leaves Texas to take a head coaching gig, we’ll find out what kind of a coach Herman really is.


Not to mention we were 8-4 last year and had just as frustrating losses with a better QB and better team. People act like the Peach Bowl was last season. Herman is 3-4 at Texas and his offense looks abysmal.

(G.W.) #4

Last year Herman told Ward not to take off if his first (or maybe second) option was not open. It really hurt the offense.
Ward went from a 1200 yard rusher to a 650 yard rusher.nand we went from 13 wins to 9.
Really need to let the QB run.
Now I would like to see what King could do at QB…if we let him run when receivers are covered.

(Robert) #5

I love the Orlando D. The last 2 years UH saw its best D in decades. Now UT has an improving D and held OU to just 9 points in the second half and OSU to just just 10 points in regulation and 3 in OT.

The UT/UH O of Herman is not good unless you are Alabama. Someone is -going to get a great HC in Orlando. It is easier to get a young OC if you have any contacts… But a great DC is hard to find in today’s college game

TCU, Alabama, and now Georgia has former DC’s at HC and they are really doing good.

If Memphis or UCF lose their HC they should give Orlando a look.

How about TTech, they have lost to Iowa St. the last two seasons by the combined score of 97-23. YIKES. They have improved on D but may only beat Baylor and end up 5-7, but they did beat UH at UH. Sad.

(G.W.) #6

Didn’t Kingsbury make the cover of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football?
They are not looking great.

Graham Harr l has North Texas moving the ball.

(PMM) #7

We should have kept Orlando as HC !!!

Was Large mistake by RK and TF !!

We should apologize to him and hire him.


No need to apologize but O would have been the better hire IMHO as well.


Does Orlando have any recruiting record? Any ties to Texas? Any ties to Texas high schools?

(Chris) #10

Above all friends remember one thing. Greg Ward played hurt in both seasons that judas was at the helm. I can only imagine if he would have been healthy for an entire season.

(Dustin K) #11

Good question, I believe the choice of Applewhite over Orlando came down to recruiting.


Applewhite had more connections, better hire. Orlando remains an unknown as a head coach as did/does Applewhite. Either coach would need at least 2 years to learn from mistakes.


I don’t think anyone is 100 % by the end of the season

(Patrick) #14

Applewhite’s O is the same as Herman’s O which is the same as Urban Meyer’s O. Lot of folks at Ohio State have been complaining about their offense ever since the championship season.

It’s possible that the RPO is going the way of the R&S and defenses have figured it out.


He coached here for two years so it’s not like he doesn’t have any ties.

(PMM) #16

Yes, I can see recruits swarming to CMA after seeing the results !

(Jimmy Morris) #17

Well I always wanted to know if my least favorite play the last two years was an Applewhite play or a Herman play. When we would get a yard short of a first down on second down and then run up to the line to do a quick snap to try to catch the defense off guard. You would see us on numerous occasions fail on 3rd and short doing that and we just keep going back to that play. It’s because it was an obvious run play and the defense would always stack 7 guys on the line to stuff it. I was glad to see that play go when Herman left.

(G.W.) #18

CMA needs to fix a bunch of small things that lead to big messes. And most of this is discipline related.
I know Big Ed said that CMA is not a “teller” like Herman. But Herman was a disciplinarian who let you know it from Day 1. Remember when he called a 6:00 AM practice and locked out all stragglers. And he let the, know that to play they need to treat the program with respect. And that meant doing the small things. It is a culture he built. And he probably is going to be successful wherever he is (UT for now).

This is an area where we struggle right now. Missed opportunities due to untimely penalties, bad penalties, miscommunications, turnovers, etc. it shows a lack of focus and discipline.

Fact is the OC needs to use the middle of the field. And the DC needs to tighten the screws when we are up, not loosen them.

Lots of small things that just add up…


In college it gets down to QB play. If you have a program that plays good defense you will more than likely have a winning record and be in most of your games. If you happen to have a good defense and you happen to have a QB you will have a spectacular season. (2015).

Gary Patterson is a good coach. Last year Kenny Hill was below average and TCU had a losing record. This year, Kenny Hill has played really well and they are playoff bound. The same could be said about A&M.

The really difficult thing about QB is that you never know who is going to shine. All of them look good in seven on seven or in practice with no hit QB jersey on. When the lights are on and there are bodies flying around, you see who the bonnafide dudes are. Blake Joseph looked better in seven on seven than Case Keenum. John O’Korn looked better than Greg Ward in seven on seven.

Unless you are Alabama or Ohio State, you can’t overcome average to worse QB play.

I don’t know what we have in King, but I would like to find out. I know he is a playmaker and that translates well to the QB position.


I agree 100%. Heck, look at Tulsa. They had Dane Evans at qb last year playing at a high level and they won 10 games. Same coach, same system a year later with a different qb who is playing poorly and they will be lucky to win 4 games. Look at ucf, one of the most surprising teams in the country. It just so happens their qb is in the top 5 in the nation in qb rating.

The formula is pretty simple-play great defense and have good qb play. The problem is finding the right coaches and players to execute that formula