Applewhite respect

(Cristian) #1

I like CMA as our coach i think he could be our KS so positivity is nice. This is just a few things ive seen from him around the internet of him being more than a coach. Also to the people that miss seeing athletes at games. Maybe he made more connections. A special year is coming i can feel it!

I realized it was already posted but i figured i just put it to reiterate. Sorry!

(Charles) #2

Herman proved that H-town is open to a media-darling coaching at UH. In fact, it’s good for the perception of the program, attendance, etc. CMA seems to be getting more comfortable in that role plus he seems to really enjoy it. Herms was entirely self-promoting whereas Apples seems to just go with it.

(Mike Higdon) #3

I am happy with the Applewhite hire and think he will make us all proud.



If you turn the hand sign around, you are no longer promoting UH, you are flipping off a school in Austin.

Carry on.