3 different quarterbacks with the same uninspiring results. Coaching and personnel all have to improve. Lots of work to do if we want to win a championship next year. Some of the players on offense who get consistent playing time and repeatedly miss assignments should not continue to play. Simple as that. Dont care if they are an upperclassmen.

Defense is fine. Need some support from the other side.

See yall in april


Looks too much like Tony Levine redux. 7-5 and 8-4 will not get it done at UH.

IMHO, he needs to be able to attract and motivate a competent OC and a competent DC in order to survive more than another year or two.

This highly predictable offense and our soft zone defense will not be able to beat a competent coaching staff. Tedford schooled Applewhite.


Christmas present for Major…

Beat Tulsa or Tulane and we’d have 8 wins.
Offense really needs to improve, be more creative on the play calls

We either improve or we’re back to the Tony Levine days.

If we don’t improve next year, that seat will start seeing some sparks.

(Cary) #4

Needs to change the offensive scheme. This isn’t working.


We hired Soundwave to be our head coach.

(PortlandCoog) #6

Agree with you… didn’t work for Herman either this year either.

(Dan) #7

Wouldn’t Bill Belichick be Soundwave since they’re both always spying on people?


CMA whenever he was asked about King has always said he’s too good of a playmaker to leave on the bench. So why on earth would CMA not let him make some of those plays?

(Charles) #9

I’ve been holding out for hope with Applewhite, but this one convinced me that he’s not a quality head coach at this point. Since he was calling the offensive shots this time, he’s been exposed as ineffective and unimaginative. How many runs into the line does it take for him to realize that it isn’t working. King is not a pocket QB, why does he insist on making him one. And would someone please tell me why our defensive backs are incapable of locating the first down marker? How many teams simply ran their receivers to the first down line while our Dback were 5 yards behind them? Stupid, stupid.

(Cary) #10


I was referring to Soundwave because he was so uncharismatic. lol but I get ya.


Our new coach is 7-6.

What else needs to be said?

(CoogDentist) #14

That’s because our DB’s are in the end zone trying to prevent a TD.

(Gregg) #15

As I mentioned in another thread, I believe that King is a better all purpose player than QB. I don’t think he has the it factor as someone mentioned. But, guess we don’t have much in QB talent so my thoughts are just that. Maybe a decent OC will help with him a little, someone that’s played the QB position. Apple is mediocre at best… like the offensive line, defensive backfield etc. We are not playing to a very good level as we close out the season.

(CoogDentist) #16

I think we have way better players than show up on game day and that includes king. We just don’t have the coaches to place them in positions to succeed.


You hit the nail on the head with that one.

(Gt) #18

Pass defence is not fine.

(Gt) #19

Run (up the gut), run, 3Rd and long pass, punt.

Opponent, long ball and no pressure on qb.

Not inspired.


I’m disappointed with several facets of this team. I’m probably most disappointed with the DBs. I’m not sure if it’s a talent or coaching issue, or a little of both. It looks like they play not to get beat deep. A form of prevent defense? This unit needs the most improvement going into next year, IMO.


Amen! He has taken away all the BUZZ and EXCITEMENT that this team once had. That will not return until he is gone. The thought of that process taking two more seasons is sickening. The program will totally be in the dumpster by then. UGH!