Are the seats smaller?


They’re pretty narrow. It’s not an issue with fitting in the seat, but if there are people on both sides, there’s not any shoulder room, especially if either one of them is larger than average.

It wouldn’t have been an issue in past years because there would have been plenty of empty seats. Hopefully, we stay a little uncomfortable. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jimmy Morris) #22

I’m pretty sure the average fan is wider at the shoulders than at the waist. Bigger frame guys sitting shoulder to shoulder won’t be helped by your sage advice.

(Jimmy Morris) #23

It was probably a conscious decision. They wanted to add in more luxury seats to generate more ticket revenue and because they take up so much more room per seat, then they had to shrink the rest of the seats an inch or two to keep the total seats over 7k.

(Al) #24

Please. In part my comment was made in jest. You’re so sensitive. I suppose your comment also refers to the majority of fans, including females?
Chill. We sell out one game after experiencing 20% attendance for over 10 years and now we have cup holder and narrow seats complaints.

And before you come completely unglued, I had season tickets for over 14 years and lived out of state the entire time during basketball season. Couldn’t get thin or fat people to use them.

(Jimmy Morris) #25

It’s been closer to 30 years and this actually becomes the point. People actually going to a game, then wondering why things were done a certain way and instead of explanations, they get told off like they are too picky and we don’t need them.

If anyone is coming off sensitive and unglued, it’s you right now.

Nothing is perfect. This isn’t utopia. It’s OK to ask questions and wonder why things were done a certain way. It doesn’t make them a bad fan.

(Randy Randel) #26

How about those seats with obstructed views?

(Jimmy Morris) #27

Couldn’t see them behind the streaky shooting and green lights.

(Butch) #28

I noticed that too but since I didn’t sit there, and I hope I never have to, all I will say is that I doubt many folks will be buying those seats unless it is a special game…

(Ben) #29

Could not make it to town for the game, but, but, but , , , , , I’m thinking I heard (on TV) “Who’s house” about 20 times too many . . . . .

(Jimmy Morris) #30

Are you sure it wasn’t “whose ball … Coogs ball” that you were hearing?


Gosh that gets old.

(Jimmy Morris) #32

I think he was being facetious Butch because I pointed out that some seats looked like they could be obstructed a couple of months ago from the 3d view on the website but didn’t see anyone standing in those seats at game time. Did you see obstructed seats?

(Tom Green) #33

My A&M engineering graduate sources tell me there are no obstructed seats. :grin:

(Butch) #34

I get it now LOL…glad to hear there are no obstructed seats…


Seats feel bigger tonight. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Ben) #36

both . . . . .