Are the Texans simply trying to be a clone of the Patriots?

List of players and coaches the Texans have picked up from New England over the years: Bill O’Brien, Romeo Crennel, Brian Hoyer, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Mike Vrabel, Larry Izzo, Wes Welker, and Nick Caserio as well as being currently managed by Jack Easterby (Former Patriots chaplain). Yes, the man of God is making decisions for the professional football organization!

An examination of the Houston Texans reveals unhindered nepotism and a desire to be like the New England Patriots. You see, since Jack Easterly has Cal McNair’s ear, the owner has allowed Easterby to pick Nick Caserio to be the franchise’s new General Manager despite the fact that Deshaun Watson has expressed a desire to be involved in the decision-making process in hiring a new GM, a desire that was ignored by the Houston Texans bigwigs. Both Watson and Justin Reid have also expressed a desire for current Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy to be the team’s new head coach; however, that seems unlikely to happen as the team has interviewed numerous candidates except for Bieniemy and some believe Caserios could pick Brian Daboll to be the team’s new head coach since both of them have worked together with the New England Patriots.

Furthermore, there were also other connections between Caserios, Josh McDaniels, Jack Easterby, and Tim Kelly (Texans current OC) since they all have Bob LaMonte as their agent and he has a desire for all of them to be a part of the Texans organization. So don’t be surprised if all of these guys could be working at the Texans organization as the GM, head coach, Team Vice President, Offensive Coordinator, and agent respectively. This fact and the aforementioned fact that many former Patriots players often moved on to become a part of the Texans organization could mean the Houston Texans isn’t trying to be anything more than a clone of the New England Patriots.

So, if Caserio brings in Josh McDaniles or Daboll as head coach then what we have in Houston is a carbon copy of the coaching staff of the New England Patriots, minus the man that makes all of the top decisions in New England – Bill Belichick. The question now is if that were to happen would it be enough to make the Texans a top level organization to compete for Super Bowls like New England has been doing for the past 20 years despite not having the main ingredients that has made New England a Super Bowl winning team — Belichick and Tom Brady?

Is Bill O’Brien headed to Alabama to replace Sarkisian?

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I read an article that says he was

If that is true, I don’t understand what Saban sees in O’Brien! Maybe it just doesn’t matter who is the OC in Alabama since they get such top players over just about every college in the country and Saban probably has the final say in what plays to run during crucial moments anyway.

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Well saban and belichick are friend so maybe Belichick put in a good word for O’brien

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It’s politics.

Jack Easterby’s Rise to Power and the Chaos That Followed

A very interesting article about Jack Easterby’s rise within the Texans organization from being a chaplain/counselor for the New England Patriots to being one of the Texans’ top decision makers. Many NFL analysts are fearing that he might lead Cal McNair to make catastrophical decisions that could set the team back for the next several years! He and Bill O’Brien were responsible for the Hopkins and Clowney trades as well as many off-season moves that were devastating to the organization as well as bringing in many former coaching staff members from New England to the Texans. This article also explains why many people have skepticism of him being a football operation manager when he has never played the game of football nor has any football coaching experience, but are still able to have influence over the McNairs.

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That’s definitely a possibility! Especially in college and NFL football since the organizations are always hiring from within, always recycling the same groups of coaches over and over again!

Cal McNair sounds like he has a learning disability.


“…might lead Cal McNair to make catastrophic decisions that could set the team back for the next several years.”

Wait…did I miss something !!!
Hasn’t this movie already started ?!?!


Yes to the OP

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Yes, but with more influence and more decisions made by this imposter (Easterby) the Texans would be set back even further!


It’s really amazing, to constantly watch this organization (here, an oxymoron) continually fail upwards…

They need to all shut up and sell the team to St Louis

Yes and their doing a damn good job of it. The 1983 Patriots.


Cal McBidwell

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Just when you think the Texans can’t make any more dumb moves (because they’ve done them all) something else pops up. I don’t understand how Easterby keeps his job. How do you alienate one of the 5 best QB’s in the NFL? How do you not interview the top candidate on everybody’s head coaching wish list?

At this point, not only do the Texans not care, they don’t care who knows it. Games are sold out and there is a waiting list long enough to fill half the stadium. It’s just mind boggling. If the Texans are forced into trading Watson and JJ is gone, we will finally see the tipping point where fans leave the building.


No, you won’t. The vast majority of Texans fans are bandwagon types that don’t know much about football but support the Texans because they mindlessly do whatever media types tell them is important. They also buy into things like Power 5 and UT/A&M are the only ‘big-time’ programs in the state.


In trying to be like New England they appeared to be clueless, lacking thoughts, and embarrass themselves as ineffective copycats and losers!

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” ---- Bruce Lee

Houstonians have gotten used to these loveable losers and cannot give them up. Texans will always have these fans and there is no incentive to do anything different. Bad football. Good business.


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