Are we finally ranked?


What will it take after this?


Win a national championship.

(Alfred Matthews) #3

I like our chances should we win at temple Sunday

(Patrick) #4

Got to beat Temple


Exactly. If we beat Temple on the road on Sunday to go to 21-5, we’ll sneek in the Top 25 for the first time since . . .

Did Penders get in the Top 25 in December for a week once? Maybe after we beat LSU on the road?

(Randy ) #6


(Patrick) #7

Yes, we were ranked 25th in the Dec 13th, 2005 rankings after beating LSU and Arizona back to back. Losses to South Alabama and UNLV the following week ended that. Didn’t make the tourney that year.

Before that, we were ranked 25th in the Jan 25th ‘93 poll after starting the year 11-2. Promptly lost 4 games in a row and missed the tourney. That was Foster’s last year.

Before that was when we finished 5th in ‘84.

(Randy Randel) #8

Rankings are fleeting. Tourney appearances are not

(James Duncan) #9

Wow 1984, 1993, 2005.

It’s like to back through time. Four distinct eras of world and US history

(Jimmy Morris) #10

We are if we win at Temple. We are probably around 26 or 27 if we lose to Temple. Which would be fair. It feels like the few times our basketball program got ranked in the last 30 years, we lost the next week.