Are we going to be in the CFP rankings?

I ask because we have a win over a blue blood. Somewhere between 22-25?

My guess is 25

Yep…maybe 25. That SMU loss hurts.

Probably need to beat Louisville to truly be ranked.

I doubt it. They only need one G5 ranked for the NY6 contract obligation, so they’ll stick Western Michigan in the 20s and that’s it.

There are:

5 schools with no losses
10 schools with 1 loss

With the possible exceptions of Troy St and San Diego St, they will all be ahead of us.

Undoubtedly, there are going to be some P5 teams with 3 losses ranked ahead of us (Florida St, maybe Tennessee, USC or Stanford).

So we’re in a group of 20 schools with 2 losses fighting for crumbs.

Here is where we stack up in some other polls that have proven to be accurate predictors of the final CFP poll (accurate as to Top 4 and best G5 only):

Updated This Week (Median = 23)
Knight: 15
Laz Index: 17
Phelan Power: 19
MJS Standings: 20
Welch: 20
Morgan: 21
DeSimone: 22
RealTime Power: 23
Loudsound: 25
Colley: 25
Coaches Poll 26
Anderson 28
MvG Sports: 29
Billingsley 32
Hatch 33

Nope… SMU was a bad bad bad loss.

Depends if the CFP tries to prop up OU’s strength of schedule. Rank UH and it gives them an extra data point. It will mitigate the appearance of weakness from the LittleXII. Tech’s AD is the committee chair.

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