Arizona 2018 Ticket Count

Man, this is taking awhile. Here’s the start of it:

Right now there are 2243 season tickets still available. These are tickets that are not available for single game purchase as of yet.

100 section = 697
200 section = 566
300 section - 980


Still alot on secondary market also.

Yep, I’m still counting single game tickets for sale…there’s a lot.

Just finished the single game tickets available in the 200s = 2191

I heard a commercial on 790 AM this morning for tickets as low as $20. It was the first commercial for the game I have heard but I don’t listen to the radio that much.

Just finished the 300 section = 8722 tickets available up top

So in total, 13,156 tickets available for this game through Hope the students and the walk-up crowd is good. Otherwise, going to be plenty of room to stretch out for this one.

I’m also not going to do these anymore this season unless we start winning and crowds start picking up. Just takes too much time with so many tickets available. Lot more worthwhile when it’s only 4-5K tickets or less to count.


11 am start time is killer. Not just for our program but certainly more noticeable with fickle Houstonians.

Several non-Cougars in my office have said “if it wasn’t at 11 I’d be there”.


Please keep profanity off this board. Thanks.


Hope they come to the TSU game.


Looks like a <30K crowd unless someone buys up a bunch of tickets to make the number look better. I don’t see us having 3K+ in walk up sales.

what do you expect? from a casual fan standpoint (speaking in their shoes), an 11 am start is bad. this game should have been at night. also people still aren’t on board with CMA.


Students may juice the number a bit since it sounds like there will be some overflow into other sections; doesn’t help the bottom line for ticket sales, but…hey, butts in the seats is never a bad thing.

Really need to look at our ticket selling procedures during the “down” periods.

  • Still wish we had some kind of tiered pricing for the 300 level as the corners are constantly empty.
  • Wish we’d go back to GA for the upper 200 levels and go back to the $100 per season ticket up there. That was a very popular ticket when they offered it in 2014-15.
  • Lastly, they need to release those 100 level tickets set aside for season tickets earlier…I know we want to wait until the last minute to sell season tickets, but we need to fill those seats this week. Open it up as that might entice more to buy.

Alfred, you’re correct on both fronts. Marketing and ticketing department should have known that and adjusted accordingly.


Weather is not helping much either. At least the storm is hitting further east. That would have been a crowd killer for sure

What if the game was on Friday night like the SMU/TCU game? I suppose that’s marginally better because at least it’s at night.

Thanks for counting the dots! Hopefully this isn’t the highest attendance of the year. It’s amazing what the Peach Bowl win and having the OU game on the schedule did for 2016 season ticket sales.

They really need to consider pricing the upper corners super cheap when they start selling season tickets. It’s an easy way to get new folks on board.
The 300 level on the “visitor” side really needs to be GA, sorry to the folks who have assigned seats there.


I can just about guarantee you there will be over 30k there.

That would be hard to prove but I’m betting less than 30K will actually be there. We may announce more than that. 3K in walk up is expecting a lot.


Winning fills the stadium. Lose, and people stay home. In 2016 after losing to Navy and SMU, the number of people who showed up went down each home game, it seemed to me.

This is the economics of hiring the vanilla candidate that has zero charisma from a fan perspective. Losing to Tulan and Tulsa last year added to the worst offense in 15 years does not help the situation. It can all be turned around by winning and leaving the 11 am slot.


We don’t control this. The networks do and maybe the conference a little.

We’ll have around 30K in the stadium with a couple thousand being AZ fans. Bottom bowl will be 90% full and will look pretty good on tv. Upper decks will be empty in corners and we will pray the tv cameras don’t show many “wide shots”. It will be really HOT outside for this 11 AM game. We just need to win - that’s all that matters.


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