Arizona 6-2


Put a beat down on #15 Washington St. yesterday, scored 58.


We aren’t that far away from being a very good football team. We beat Arizona, SMU and USF. We should have beaten Memphis. We aren’t that far away…

(Jay) #3

and Texas Tech.


Not according to our fans

(JohnnyCougar) #5

I don’t know about any of you but my loyalty, interest, attention and appreciation go to the people whose blood, sweat and tears are left on the field, film room and meetings than to any Internet tough guy resident genius wannabe football coaches.

(Patrick) #6

Not downplaying our win, but we were lucky that Arizona started Dawkins and played him most of that game. Tate has been a revelation for them and has helped them get to where they are. I remember watching the replay and wondering why Tate wasn’t the starter when I saw him come in.

Going to be a tough, but fun game in Houston next year.


Tate got some snaps against us, threw an int. He was highly rated coming out high school and you could hear the crowd wanted him.


I hope they are ranked by the end of the season!

Would help us dearly

(Paul Marlow) #9

Against Arizona, we also had a healthy Ed Oliver, Adams, and G Davis. When healthy we are very stout up the middle. These guys have been nicked up the last few weeks.


Oliver appeared explosive again versus USF. That’s huge for our D.

(Monte P Gilliam) #11

They didnt have their QB , very true…but we didnt have ours, either…will be GREAT game next year…

(shharper01) #12

reminds me of our UofL win in 2015.


It’s funny how perspectives change. Three games into the season people weren’t too excited about the Arizona win because they were predicted to be bad. People weren’t too down about the tech loss because they were looking pretty good. Fast forward an handful of weeks and it appears we beat a top 25 team on the road and lost to a very average team at home.

(Tom) #14

Actually two top 25 teams on the road according to today’s coaches poll

(PortlandCoog) #15

@Alexogar It’s why we play the game eh?