Despite not scoring many points in the 1st half. BYU is actually moving the ball at will on Arizona with a Vanilla offense. BYU just keeps shooting themselves in the foot. The Kalil Tate love by the announcers is a little too much. He makes a lot of bad throws.

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if a qb has a great season running,why is it that the next season after they ALWAYS try to take away the running???

greg ward, lamar jackson and now tate…

they are special at running…teaching them to stay in the pocket makes no sense to me…


BYU 21, UA 10 in 3rd.

The AZ run defense is not good. Their secondary isn’t that much bettter.

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BYU is physically dominating Zona. We will get their A game and probably a lot more K Tate running.

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Sumlin is getting his ass kick 28-10

28-10 BYU with 1:07 left in 3rd.

And they will get our A game after that RICE game…

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Better hope so. AU will be unhappy and very hungry when the get here. Could we possibly be their “Super Bowl” because of Scumlin ? ? ? ? ?

Sept 8th circled on Our calender…UH will be ready…

Final: 28-23 BYU. Next Saturday will be very interesting. Go Coogs.

Hopefully the humidity will be too much for most of the Arizona kids. I hope we wear them down as the game goes on like we did to UCLA in 2011.

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Always the fallacy when prognosticators say that a team will be much better because they have a number of returning starters. As seen with Tech and Arizona yesterday, that only works if the guys returning are actually good players.

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It was wearing me out and I was prepared.

Arizona nor Texas Tech aren’t as good as I thought. Plus, Texas Tech lost their starting QB.


Do not count on that. It is monsoon season in Arizona & it has been very active. Either way & as always this will be a huge fight. The best way to annihilate them is to run the ball as much as we can. Everything else will open up.

Is Rice better than tech or Arizona? We were able to outrun the owls with sheer talent. Zona and Tech will be a lot harder to erase deficits if we get in a hole. Playing safeties 4000 yards off the ball also might make Tate look like an NFL starter as the rice starter and back up were able to do.

Great point but we all have to remember that yesterday was the first game for many Teams & it showed…including ours.

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Yeah, and Rice is better than alot of teams played yesterday.

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