Arizona coach Kevin Sumlin returns to a much different UH

Sumlin said the distraction, especially on the eve of the game, affected the team.

“There were things said that were not true that people in retrospect now know were not true,” he said. Asked what specifically was untrue, Sumlin said: “Things that were reported and things I was doing. That was not true. Our whole deal was we wanted to win the conference championship, and we didn’t. That was extremely disappointing for me and our team.”

Sumlin takes umbrage with those who suggest he was willing to sacrifice a perfect season and conference title.

“The notion we weren’t focused is simply untrue,” said Sumlin, who was fired last November after six seasons and a 51-26 record at A&M. “It had nothing to do with Texas A&M. It’s hard for me to believe that people would say you are going to work all this time, all these years, and win 12 games and not care about winning a championship. That’s absolutely false.”

I call bullshit


In other words … “who are you gonna believe - me, or your lyin’ eyes?”


I agree, and we can all call it what it is - total and unmistakably bullshit.


Maybe - - - but,he cared a lot more about getting more money! So, he went for the money. He’s a pig - and he is also a liar!


Actions speak louder than words.



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Because negotiating your $5 million contract and making your plans to skip out are not at all a distraction.


No booster seats available? Get the man a phone book!


Are they interviewing him in the corner of the bathroom?


When players from your new school are calling players at the school you’re leaving telling that he’s leaving, I call that his fault. Was talking to AZ fan in 3rd qtr who said they’re already calling him scumlin in Tucson.




OK, sure…

I think he’s a good coach but Arizona looked unmotivated and lost on defense from the get go. I’m not sure what they were trying to do on offense and whoever said was Tate Heisman material is insane. He was terrible and threw into multiple coverages several times.


Wth! :joy::joy::joy: seriously, he is a head coach of D1 college, who trolled CKS like this. At least get a table cover.

So that was the second time Sumln screwed his team and didn’t win a conference championship! Sumlin is all about Sumlin.
He lucked into 2 of the greatest college QBs of all time and road their shirt tails to the bank. When it comes to class and character Sumlin is 3rd and poor.
Did I say I don’t like him and didn’t believe those of you that did when he was here? If not, just so you know, I’m not a fan of his.

I believe NOTHING in what he was quoted in that article…NOTHING!

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