Arizona Game time and channel set - 9:30pm on ESPNU

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Thinking about heading down to Pluckers in the Heights for this one.


I’m gonna need to take a nap sat afternoon for this.


The city of Houston will have a midnight curfew in effect through the weekend. In other parts of town, there’s still a 10 pm curfew. Don’t forget to factor travel time and being home by curfew into your watch plans.

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I live downtown but thanks

(Ryan) #7

Curfew should be lifted by Tuesday…hopefully

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9:30 is a small price to pay for Arizona. You’ll want our boys starting at 7:30 local time with that heat. BTW, anyone know if they have started selling beer at the stadium? All I can find is some exploration into selling, but that was in 2016.

(Patrick) #10

No, doesn’t look like they sell beer at the stadium

(Greg Houston) #11

I’m sorry to report that there are no beer sales at the stadium. It’s in the works but no idea when it will happen.

I hope all of you and yours are safe and sound. The Arizona family’s thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

(Patrick) #12

Thanks, the response from your school has been very classy. Hoping for a good game this week.

(Dan) #13

Usf will have completed their third game about 6 hours before we kick-off our first.

(Greg Houston) #14

For those of you coming to the game temperature at the kick will be in the low 90’s and there is a chance of rain earlier in the day.

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Just like home.

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Thank you, Tucson. You've filled the 2nd equipment truck. We're sending almost 70K lbs of goods to Houston. #BearDown #HoustonStrong

— Arizona Athletics (@AZATHLETICS) September 8, 2017

(Katie) #19

No beer in the stadium? I didn’t pack for that. Damn it.