Armani Brooks Quoted as saying

(G.W.) #1

“This game is close, someone hold my beer”.

(Patrick) #2

Brooks and Corey Davis…man…just knew every shot was going in from those two today. Fun to watch.

Need to get Van Beck going again now.

(Dan) #3

I’m no expert, but wvb sure did bulk up in the off-season. Think that could be messing with his shot?

(Eric Prado) #4

No it’s the new SC coach Alan Bishop. It wasn’t only Van Beck either.

(Patrick) #5

Not sure. He started the season off well and was shooting over 40% from 3, just seem likes he’s hit a slump lately.

(Nick K) #6

maybe we should have taken the beer away in the first half of this game and LSU…they seem to start slow…arkansas game being the exception…if they could just keep up the intensity for the entire game they could play with anyone.
they will need to come with more intensity to start off in conference play vs the shockers for sure.