Armoni Brooks

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Not even a 2 way…He comes in handy from the outside.

Brooks loves Htown but it’s time to look elsewhere.

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Rockets and Texans: hand-in-hand, dedicated to failure and succeeding in their quest like no others.

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Whoa! Definitely wouldn’t put those two organizations together. One wants to win and is making strides to do so. The other only wants to sell tickets.

Not happy that the Rockets didn’t straight up sign Brooks…but overall, I’m thrilled with the direction they’re moving.


The Rockets are dedicated to failure because they didn’t give Armoni a 2-way?

Weird logic man

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Yes. Rockets have gone all in on winning many times regardless of the $ or what the future brings. They haven’t closed it out but the effort was there.

Zion Williamson may be the 1st great player to not take the 1st extension and get out of town. Rockets could be in the mix and would do whatever it takes.

My thought was Brooks was a lock to make the Rockets and get regular time from the outside.
Looks like I was off and he needs to make the team

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Weird, man, as in weird living in Plainview. Consider the perspectives of the other posters re Brooks, dude. Evidently, with all the haze, you didn’t catch Armoni’s 3-land performance last year amidst the Rockets’ epic collapse and an achievement in failure like few others before, man. Their “weird logic, man” is inherent in their systemic failure that exalts disaster while excluding efforts in achievement. That’s how dysfunction works, bro.



Can you repeat again bro!

Edit: remember I’m slow!

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Don’t disagree about the Texans but the Rockets are probably in the top quartile of franchises within their sport.


And the reference point is your repeated assertion that UH is an elite college baseball program that you ultimately had to abandon out of either woke embarrassment or the fact that 99% of the baseball posters were laughing at that contention.

And we’re not talking about financial value. We’re talking about the value of the product which may not change for years, and only to a level of mediocrity if even that. Yes, the Rockets are an elite NBA franchise … what a joke … quartile … good grief. I have a pretty good finger on the source of a perspective using verbage such as that.

I’m sorry but who are you? I stopped posting on the baseball section because people are super negative over there and I’d rather talk to people that aren’t constantly trashing our program (whether justified or not). As for your post, all I did was disagree with half of it. I didn’t personally attack you, put you down, or launch into a long post about why I disagreed. I just simply stated that I didn’t agree with your assessment of the franchise. Which I stand by. The Rockets aren’t on the same level of suck as the Texans and imo, shouldn’t be lumped together with them. I mean one team is the 8th winningest NBA franchise with 2 championships. The other team is the 28th winningest NFL franchise and has zero Super Bowl appearances. They just aren’t equivalent. Not really sure why you seem to want to get into it so badly with me, but have a good one. Go Coogs! lol

Can’t believe you put the rockets and Texans in the same sentence lol. Rockets went 8 years of making the playoffs and competing for a championship, sure they came up short and ran into one of the great dynasty’s ever but they aren’t failures. They are one of the most winningest teams in the last decade. It only took them 1 year to rebuild. They have one of the best draft prospects in 5 years, a young all star in Christian wood. Really young talented players like KPJ, Sengun, Tate, and KJ. Plus they will have a lot of cap in about a year or 2 when the vets contracts are up. And they have picks for days. The rockets are in a great spot. Idk how you could compare them to the Texans lol


PM me when the Rockets next make the playoffs.

So if the rainbow, lollipop, puppy sunshine pumpers don’t sing a Broadway show tune about the UH baseball being an elite college baseball program then they’re trashing the program? Maybe it’s more being in touch with reality. Some people played sports beyond one year of little league, and some people sing show tunes.

Go Rocket Go! Go Rockets GO! All systems go to grab that 8th seeding in the playoffs 5 years from now. You are the best! You are in the upper quartile in the Broadway musical I just wrote!

I knew Brooks would have a tough time making the team when the Rockets drafted 2 guards in the first round.

I think his 3 point game keeps him in the NBA though.


Brooks’ shot is too good to not get picked up somewhere. He’s getting there.

He has his chance rn w the Rockets. It all rt there for him. But again it’s more than just being a 3 pt shooter.

Being in the top 7-8 franchises in a pro league is respectable. It’s certainly a lot better than being one of the bottom 3 or 4 franchises within a sport (i.e the Texans). That’s the only point I was trying to make. Yah maybe the Rockets will take a couple years to rebuild. Big deal. It happens. At least their rebuilds come after stretches of consistently being in the playoffs. Some teams stay in perpetual rebuilding mode.

You’re talking about worth. What they are worth now is 20 wins in an 82 game season. You are completely oblivious to the Ponsi scheme that Daryl Morey contrived, and what you see now is the end result of that contrivance. A house of cards built on win it all now and mortgage the future. I don’t care about Forbes’ list of most valuable NBA franchises. UH baseball… elite. Hope you enjoyed Omaha this year.

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