Armoni Tested NBA draft process and found that he liked it a lot but it didn't like him back

Hes not. Cant create. Just hurts our depth. If you tell me the Idaho transfer will be allowed to play this season, everything would be sweet.

lets not get carried away he didnt hurt our depth at all

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No, quite the opposite. Brooks was a good college player. Great spot up shooter and a hell of a rebounder.

Maybe he can fill a spot in an NBA team, just not optimistic.

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I totally get Armoni turning pro. Realistically his stock is not going to improve with another year of college ball. He wasn’t going to handle the ball enough to show a different skill. The G league is also producing a ton of NBA players and it’s on a “livable” wage. He’ll make someone’s Summer League roster and have to prove himself there first. Let’s hope all these stockpiled guards are ready to step up. If Mills is as good as advertised, you have 3 rock solid to potentially great guards. I think the team is clearly in the transfer market for next year for “best available player”. I also saw that Quentin Grimes a 6 foot 5 combo guard (From the Woodlands) is entering the portal. I wonder if he could be an option.


Here’s something I came across on Twitter earlier today. Per sources closer to the situation, Armoni knew Caleb Mills was better than him and he needed to move on to the league before his stock dropped when Caleb Mills was taking his play time.


I don’t get this at all. The odds of him making and having a long professional career (nba or somewhere else) cannot be that high.

Why not stay and get his degree? I think he had a good improvement last year and would improved again this year, my gut feeling would be that his draft stock would probably improve.

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i had a thought about that possibility…

Some rude azz ppl are commenting negatively on the chronicle article. This site feels semi-private, but roasting him in the comments section of the chron is messed up. If its anybody here please remove it.


We should really be happy for him, he gets paid and we get exposure. Imagine going to a recruit and saying, we just had a scholly open up, another UH Cougar just went to the NBA!


Thank you Armoni Brooks for everything that you gave to our university’s men’s basketball program. I enjoyed watching your lethal long range bombs fall through the hoop. Good luck chasing your dreams. Onward and upward for 2019-2020. If CKS says that Caleb Mills is the best offensive player that he has ever recruited at UH, then I am more than happy to watch him take over. Armoni’s departure opens the door even wider for Nate Hinton. He has the skill set to shoot the long ball, dribble/drive, hit the mid-range jumper, and finish at the rim. He will now get his opportunity to showcase those skills even more so with Armoni going pro. The talent pool is not dry. CKS has stockpiled some serious talent. He’s just keeping things under wraps so the team will have some time to gel and get past a few growing pains. Our Coogs will be fine. Keep the faith. CKS is driving the bus and Little Sampson is riding in the co-pilot seat. We’ll be fine.

Go Coogs. Peace.


I’ll get on Twitter and look for that, but 2 somewhat contradicting reactions:

  1. CKS has shown he defers to upperclassmen in starting and minutes if he can. Meaning if it’s not a huge gap Armoni would have started and played as much as last year IMO.

  2. Corey replied to a tweet from Rothstein that Mills will need to step up with Brooks gone. The reply indicates Mills is more than capable of taking over for Brooks. Remember Corey has practiced with Mills for several months now. Galen had a passing comment in one of the many tournament interviews about Mills in practice as well. He’s been every bit as good as advertised at least in the Lewis Center.


I don’t know why, but the NBA hates graduating seniors now. They’d rather have a sophomore with potential scoring 15 a game then a grown man conference MVP. Just the way scouts are seeing it these days.


Nowadays it’s hard to improve your stock much as a senior unless you are just a raw prospect who puts it together out of nowhere between junior and senior year or there’s a massive difference in draft depth between the classes. An extra year can get you more NBA ready, though and of course it’s good to finish up with your degree. If Armoni really is going to be drafted by the Kings in the second round, get a decent partially guaranteed deal and wind up on the 15 man roster or has a two way deal, then he’s probably making the right move. He can always go back and finish up his last year, though it gets harder the longer you wait.

However, if he’s making this move and winds up in the G League without a two way deay IMO it would have been better for him to stay another year.


This is interesting. When I read that tweet (in conjunction with the previous Rothstein tweet), I thought Corey was saying Armoni was ready for the NBA, not that Caleb was ready for the Coogs. But on second reading, your interpretation makes more sense.

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They were definitely surprised. Sampson said that Armoni would be back next year.


I did the same thing. Since Armoni is gone I like my 2nd interpretation better. :grin:

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Is Haanif Cheatham still an option?

the real question is: Who is going to replace Cory Davis Mom??? Who?


She personally told me as long as we have Louisiana players (like Deeky and Gresham) she’ll follow and tweet. I hope the coaches know that keep the boot pipeline at all costs.


He went to Nebraska