Armoni Tested NBA draft process and found that he liked it a lot but it didn't like him back

We are extremely thin with the guards now and Armoni was our most experienced outside threat.


Sure. Dejon, Nate, and Caleb are probably all better all-around players. The problem with that, however, is Armoni was a senior. Hard to replace that experience with a Freshman. Armoni was a very good player. Do I think Caleb will be better? Yes. Will he be better this season? Debatable.

Also, we will now have to find someone to replace Caleb coming off the bench. This is why getting a grad transfer is vital.


who here wants some unrealistic hyping of caleb mills to make us feel better about armoni leaving, and hype mills up to be better than he probably will be???

i got you :sunglasses:

i randomly found this on the inter-web: its a scrimmage from Mills Hometown from a week ago… D1 players visiting home/top local recruits play a pick up game (which includes mills)

not a lot mills or a serious scrimmage but:
0:34 you can see mills has gained a ton of muscle…almost unrecongnizable from his high school tapes
1:57 & 2:10 fancy handles and 3pt shoot
3:40 dunks on defender

youre welcome randomly bored coogs fans


do you see him being a scorer along the lines of Rob Gray?

i wont be able to tell till we see him in real games
but from highlights, there styles are completely different, rob was way more physical …he is more finesse along the curry/lonzo style

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For me this a rebuild. Good Luck Samson and UH fans!

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rebuild?..we lost 1 players…if we were so thin we would have been used our free scholarships wee have for months on 2019 players


Way too many players return that saw sgnificant minutes last season to conisder it a true “rebuild”

Yes, so what :sob::sob::sob:

We had a nice 2 year window.

Not gunna lie, this hurts more than Ed Oliver leaving early.


CKS wasn’t expecting Brooks to leave early, he said it numerous interviews. Even @pray10 was stunned by this unexpected news.

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I disagree. We lost corey, galen, money and brady. Return white, Harris, bryson, deeky, caleb, broodo, alley, and add gorham, sasser, amd j’wan. We are stacked. We dont rebuild we reload. The only position i was concerned was corey defense and galens pass to turnover ratio but well be back in 16 and move on to 8 this season coming up.


I needed a laugh


Ur welcome. :skull:

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Thanks Pesik. Caleb looks like he can do it all. We will find out when the action starts.

and Hinton

How could i forget Hinton… Smh calling it now. UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON NCAA FINAL FOUR NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 2020.

Man how far this program has come when we can lose several key players to graduation/draft and plug and play with still a lot of depth. We will still be a force in the AAC, we will probably begin but definately end ranked and dance for the third straight year!

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Some info I got: it was a surprise to the staff (at least starting less than a week ago), Armoni always had a goal of trying to go pro after last season, not having to go through another tough UH preseason might have been a factor too.

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