Armoni Tested NBA draft process and found that he liked it a lot but it didn't like him back

I think this sets us back 3-5 games, which still gets us in the tourney as a 5-6 seed, maybe higher if Mills puts on a lb or two and they teach him to RB.

This hurts us against teams like USF and Cincy that will make us hit 3’s. Probably won’t have an effect on the rest of the league games if Hinton is boss.

Armoni was the answer in a handful of critical games from outside because he was streaky. Where he helped most was grinding out games RB’ing and getting the ball to the outlet.

We have tremendous talent coming back…much of it still in development mode. Not scared…but tempering my expectations til mid season. Sampson is a master at getting his kids to play bigger than they are, but he needs time.

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Congrats Armoni. We’ll miss watching you a FC this year. Good luck with your career going forward.


One thing I think we will miss is he would have been our only senior that has been here since freshman year and that senior leadership will be missed.


i just realized galen is still the only 4 year player we’ve since the 2013 class…him and chicken if we date it back to the 2011 class…and we wont have any for atleast 2 season

almost a decade and 2 players total came in as freshman and finished as seniors …crazy to think about


Mikhail McLean was from 2010. Also, LeRon Barnes.

Was he even a starter or close to it ???

May as well put Wes VanBeck lol.

Yeah, there is another one.

i meant scholarship players we recruited …

Mills is much more athletic than I thought. Kid can get up!

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Marcus Sasser - looked like very limited minutes for him in the guard rotation until Armoni left.

Now I don’t see a scenario where he doesn’t play extended minutes under foul trouble and/or injury situations.

Is he ready? Lets add a 1 year grad transfer even if just a role player.

omg, i was literally just thinking about this last night

about how everyone even within our own fanbase have completely counted out sasser in the equation

sasser is similarly ranked to armoni (played as freshmen) and galen (starter as a freshmen) and antoine davis (did 30 at detroit)…and higher ranked than ced (who samspon said would have played big minutes as a true fresh if not for injury)
and though sasser has no national recognition, within the texas aau circiles he is probably more touted than all of those guys coming in

is he ready? with freshmen you will never know till you see them on the court
marcus body wise has enough muscle to play right away…and on paper will be the best 3pt shooter on the team…
how fast he can adapt to the defense will also play a big role

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Place your trust in Coach, and stop worrying; you will feel much better!

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Man how far we have come. The dumpster fire he took over 5 years ago having to scramble for live bodies, to have legit, top flight talent coming in to replace legit top flight talent going out.

I am convinced we will be ranked and finish the season ranked. We will do well in conference and make the dance three years in a row.

The future is bright!


A little bit, but I’m happy for him. Hope he got a solid promise and gets a shot. He’ll have to work hard, especially on defense, to see the court, but he could be a solid 3 and D player if he does.

Honestly, his pro prospects are at their peak right now. Might as well go for it…no telling what will happen next year.

Good luck, Armoni!!!


Also…this is Ced Alley’s shot. If he can play D, rebound, and hit the three regularly, he’ll see a lot of playing time. Need to see a lot of growth.


The biggest thing about Alley is that no one is going to out work him…

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Well, I’m disappointed he won’t be with the team next year and what it means. But I get it. While he could use one more year of polishing, his stock should be pretty high. Brooks can be similar to Dotson. He has a great set of tools and has all the makings of a 3 and D specialist.

My biggest concern for Armoni is that he’s been misled and doesn’t get drafted at all. But hopefully he’s a first-rounder or early second-round pick.


Man… But from a selfish UH fan point of view, I thought we were a legit Final Four team on paper because of our overall shooting possibilities and depth.

He won’t get drafted and won’t have a degree :unamused:

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He would be a prime undrafted free agent target and develop in the G league. He could obviously play overseas. Just hope it doesn’t come to that.

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