Armoni Tested NBA draft process and found that he liked it a lot but it didn't like him back

That’s the other good situation , where it will be a basketball decision I’m pretty sure and not a financial hardship with Armoni and his family.

Not exactly great news, but not exactly the end of the world either.

Let’s hope that he returns!

Very good point and both of them could be on active rosters right now.

Didn’t Deontay develop the dropsies his last year here?

Deontay sticking around for another year might have given him a better chance to make an NFL roster or practice squad. I’m not sure why Ayers sticking around another year would have him on an NFL roster right now, though. Instead of playing for UH in 2016 he was on the Steelers practice squad for most of the season and the active roster for a couple of games. He got a couple more practice squad shots after that. I doubt playing for Herman one more year would have been much better for his development than being with Steelers organization for that season. Had he been cut in camp and his career ended there that would probably be a more reasonable position.

Deontay developed the ‘I’m gonna catch every pass when it counts and win this bowl game down 28 points in the fourth quarter’ here.


I’d honestly be shocked if he gets drafted, I think he’s a great player but he needs another year and the NBA is unforgiving. He’ll be back next year

Get used to it and don’t worry about it. Our talent level on the team is going up. We will start seeing more of the players doing this. I would not be surprised if next year, if we see the improvement expected, to have Jarreau, White, and Hinton testing the draft waters.

Its a shame one great game doesn’t trump a season and a half of missed catches.

When in doubt pull out.

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Armoni has a bigger up side then Corey or Rob G., hopefully he comes back.

Great for Armoni and I’m glad CKS promotes his guys to do this. It never hurts to have more guys in the NBA.

I do expect him back; he’s going through a similar process that Dotson did and it’s a great way for him to get on the radar of teams before his senior year.

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Smart move by him, and I’d do the same thing.

Like many, I think he has NBA-type talent, but also has some things to work in, and another with Sampson would be very beneficial.

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Perspective - The NBA has 60 draft picks including overseas players and U.S. college seniors and underclassmen.

Assuming 90% of the NBA draft choices are U.S. college players and that 50% of the U.S. college player picks are seniors and 50% are underclassmen, that means that 27 U.S. college underclassmen would be drafted. Currently, there are 96 underclassmen who have declared for the draft so less than 30% of those declaring early could expect to get drafted.

That’s why they are considered to be “testing the waters.”

This is a mature decision to understand what he needs to work on and maintain his eligibility. Smart.

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I’m happy to see this. They will tell Armoni

  1. He needs to get stronger - especially with the basketball
  2. He needs to work on his ball handling
  3. He needs to develop his game driving to the basket

Every one of those things will make him better for the Coogs next year. I had hoped to see more of these things this past season, but Corey Davis had such an incredible offensive season that Armoni focused on other things, most notably rebounding.


I would like to see Armoni get better at the step back 3. He tried it some this season, but it wasn’t his go to move. At 6’3", he’ll need to get really good at that move to create separation against taller defenders. If he can get really good at that in the offseason, he’ll easily average 20 ppg next year. Especially since he already has NBA range.

Also, he elevates really well on his shot, but I think he needs to work on a quicker release, like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Although high elevation and quick release aren’t necessarily compatible, so I’m not really sure what he needs to do there. Maybe he needs to get good at both.

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He has a master in James Harden at the jump back three in the same season. He should go to Harden in the offseason. Also, Harden has been known to show up at the Guy V Development Center.

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