Armoni Tested NBA draft process and found that he liked it a lot but it didn't like him back

I hope he comes back.

Same. But if he is shocking in workouts and getting intel that he’ll go in the first round and stays in the draft I’m happy for him, even though it’s obviously a massive loss for our team.

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They also get to scout him for next year (and possibly this year if he really blows them away). All in it’s probably like less than $1,000 or something to bring him in for a workout which is nothing relative to a team’s scouting budget.

100% guarantee that the college basketball players receive zero cash or gift compensation for these workouts. I’d be surprised if teams were even allowed to pay for the student athletes flight and hotel and the player still keep his amateur status. If they did, it would open up a whole can of worms on schools promising athletes opportunities like this while still in school with kick backs between coaches and scouts as well.

Yeah, I know there’s no way they get any direct compensation. I was more talking in terms of flight + hotel + meals.

But you bring up an interesting point. I wonder if the teams are even allowed to cover those costs. It wouldn’t surprise me either way. If the NCAA did make an exception, it wouldn’t really be that hard to limit the total dollars or something like that. But the NCAA historically hasn’t been very flexible, though it’s getting a little moreso.

Has anyone reached out to the administration or coaching staff, about this. These details do get lost especially in the dog days of summer. Really curious on how this shakes out.

Jon Rothstein literally tweets the deadline every morning on his twitter account. I’m sure no one needs to reach out to CKS about this.

We should also tell the coaches to practice free throws. :wink:


Lol. Exactly.

but we did manage to lose stiggers even though the agent rule was publicly known…and said he didnt know signing with an agent makes you ineligible lol

That’s a somewhat different situation because he did that without CKS knowing. It wasn’t like the staff didn’t know the rule and let it fall through the cracks. It would be analagous here if Brooks is somewhere completely off the grid and the staff can’t get in touch it him.

I don’t care if CKS can make FTs I want the players to make them. :grin: Long offseason.



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CKS clearly stated he did that without him knowing.

Armoni still undecided.

Armoni must have performed better than expected in his workouts.

Or Armani may have plans of playing overseas? All this worry about our coaches and the deadline is foolish. It would be similar to wondering if coach Sampson has forgotten about a five star recruit just before signing date.
If Armani is ready to move on and make a few bucks that is his choice and I bet our coaches will not stand in his way…


The coaches encouraged him to test the waters so I know they are onboard. Definitely speaks volumes of the player development in the program.


Bye Armoni :sob::sob::sob:

anyone think coaches told Armoni that we have a lot of guards on the team, go see what the NBA has?