Armoni Tested NBA draft process and found that he liked it a lot but it didn't like him back

I’m guessing the “still undecided” list is just the guys who still have their eligibility and haven’t declared they are coming back yet. I don’t think the author checked with the players and aggregated whether they are really thinking about it.

That said, if he was for sure coming back you’d think it would be out by now so maybe he really is thinking about it. He seems like a good guy with a good head on his shoulders so if he’s not coming back I hope/assume it’s the right move for him and not a situation where he’s listening to the wrong people.

No. We only have 10 on scholly this year without Armoni.

Absolutely not.

I was hoping this early defection thing was going to start until next year. I thought we were going to dodge it this year.

I do hope he comes back, tho. If there was a year where there is no clear cut favorite or a powerhouse team like Dookie last year, it’s this year. Easily 10-15 teams can win the Natty this season coming up 19-20.

I hope Armoni is back. He seems set to have an AAC type season.

If he leaves:
I’d like his scholarship slot for another C/PF type or a stretch PF grad transfer for this season.

Still alot of them available.

You think there is a chance the Idaho player gets a waiver lol

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Cameron Tyson

That new Akron big is a beast

Nope. Why ? You probably were dreaming about Akron’s fab son Bronny. I hear he is good, tho.

I think we’d need a wing with range to replace Armoni moreso. Between White, Gorham and Alley we should hopefully be good on floor spacing “bigs.”

But we’re also getting ahead of ourselves. A bunch of guys will withdraw today and Armoni will most likely be one of them.

Did Armoni change the spelling of his name like Akeem because we aren’t pronouncing it right? :thinking:

That was my thought too. Also, any of our 2020 studs want to go to summer school and graduate early? :grin:


Speaking of graduating early, I’m hoping Jerrell Colbert would reclassify to 2020 since he has a late birthday for '21. He’s a 6’10 center we could use next year.

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he gone


Wow, I really wasn’t expecting this.

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This sucks! But good for him

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Ditto. When he started the process, he pretty much said he was coming back. He must have really turned some heads during these workouts. I hope it works out for him since I think he could have used that extra year of development in college.


i hope he has a promise!! and not doing this because he “feels he is ready” or something like that…

he didnt even get a combine or gleague invite (thats the top 110 prospects)…only 60 will get drafted …

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he was at Sacramento last week, immediately after his Sacramento workout he was talking about coming back to the press…

sacremento has 2 late second round picks…i think armoni might land one of them…and they gave him a promise after evaluating him