Armoni Tested NBA draft process and found that he liked it a lot but it didn't like him back

Some reactions:

I don’t know much (or anything) about salary slots for the NBA, but is it generally worth it to skip your senior season for a shot at a late 2nd round pick on a terrible team?

Edit to add, I’m REALLY glad Caleb Mills was able to join the team early last year and practice for half a season like he did.


Welp… this feels like a giant blast to the nuts.

Let’s go get Tevin Mack.

draft stock has HIGH volatility, especially for a guy like armoni,…who doesnt have elite measurables

look are jarrey foster, everyone had him as a top 15 pick last year, he’ll be lucky to get a 2way contract this year

if armoni was given any kind of promise to be drafted, he would be a fool to turn it down…
coming back only makes sense if you know for sure you are getting drafted regardless…that isnt armoni


If Armoni received a promise to be drafted, then yeah it would probably be worth it. Even with a stellar senior season, I think Armoni’s peak value would be a second rounder anyway. This gets him an extra year of getting paid, and being put on a team where he has an opportunity to earn his way into the rotation.


Right now, Armoni does not look like an NBA draft prospect to me. I’ll be surprised if he gets drafted but hope it works out.


OK, so we now have three scholarships to give, right?

just a week ago he sounded firm that he was coming back

i dot think he would about face without some kind of promise…or really bad advice from someone close to him

I’m not surprised because shooting is at a premium in the NBA right now. Although he is 6’3 he has a good wingspan and potential to be a good off the bench scorer.

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If he can work on his handles and getting to the basket more, I can see him having a game similar to Lou Williams. He’s already 2 inches taller with a longer wingspan and more hops.

Also between this and the early commitments, the program is at a high level now so we have to get used to players leaving early.

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Hope it works out better for him then it did for a couple of Football players.

Unlike being a QB in football, being drafted by a bad team probably increases your chances of making the team and seeing some time on the court. (without risking long term health or reputation) Also take into account that if he is late second round, the only bad teams drafting are the ones that got their picks through trades with good teams like the Rockets.

I’m not sure if Armoni has been told he will get drafted. It could also be that several scouts have said he is a shoe-in for the G league at the worst and they may feel he stands more to gain playing a year in the G league than another year in Houston.

Armoni a few weeks ago was talking about winning a national championship …i highly doubt he would leave for the g-league
he can get g-league next season…

Sacramento is the only thing that makes sense to me… they have the 40th, 47th and 60th (last) pick…they last minute flew him in for a workout last week (he wasnt on the slate, but 5 hours before the workout they rushed to add him)…after the workout armoni was still saying he is coming back…my gut is telling me they called him after evaluating his workout and said if you are still on the board by the 60th pick, we’ll take you. something tells me they are looking for shooters (all the guards in that workout were shooters)


MAJOR LOSS :weary::unamused:

Not going to say we where going to win a NC, but we had as good a chance as anyone in the COUNTRY.

Whats the new depth chart look like


Caleb - Marcus

Nate - Ced

Fabian - Gorham - Jwan

Brison - Chris

We are thin at the guard spot now. Caleb and Marcus being knock down 3 point shooters. Justin,Jwan, Nate can shoot 3’s too.


Sometimes I think you extrapolate way too far in ways that I don’t always buy, but I think this is pretty plausible.

I think pesik has this one right

I think Mack is a player who could improve his value substantially in Kelvin’s system

Man, OK, the youth movement is starting one year early. It’s Deeky and the kids in the backcourt next season.