Armoni Tested NBA draft process and found that he liked it a lot but it didn't like him back

Hinton taking the next step along with Mills is going to be huge. Hopefully they can get a grad transfer to help out.


This sucks big time, tho. I was happy yesterday because schools like UK, Duke & Kansas didn’t look nothing special after their losses and then this bomb drops out of no where, jeezus!

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Mack would be perfect. Is there any indication he’d consider coming here, other than his being from TX and us recruiting him previously?

We badly need a grad transfer wing now who can shoot/play.

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I bet CKS wasn’t expecting this lol. He just wanted Brooks to go into these workouts so he can hear what he needed to work on, so he can become a better player for his senior year. That would of had help the team and he was probably going to be our best & go to player. But for a guy who couldn’t create his own shot, I’m shocked he decided to stay in the draft.

wow, this sucks…

I hope nothing but the best for him, but I feel this is a mistake.


We won’t be the only team scrambling for last minute help, there are some surprising names not coming back like Armoni.

I don’t think the coaching staff was too surprised. I think back to this video when he announced he was testing the waters.

It’s all purely speculation for everyone on this board at this point. Until we got close to the deadline, everyone was pretty much confident he was returning. However, going his first year in the G League next season is not the same as playing a year of college ball and then going G League the year after that. He could have just as easily been told another year in college won’t get him drafted so going pro now gives him a step ahead of those going pro next year. Will just have to wait to see if he gets drafted and then speculate more if he doesn’t.

Yep. Mistake.

I mean… I was expecting to lose a couple of guys early, next year. Jarreau & possible Hinton with a solid soph season but Brooks, wow. CKS hasn’t even reacted on Twitter and Kellen liked a big loss for UH tweet :grimacing::grimacing::flushed:

We’re still a very good team without Armoni. Fringe top 25. 6-7 seed in the big dance. Let’s just wish Armoni the best.

Bring Tevin Mack in and we are back to having a potential final four team.

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Where does this put us on open scholarships for juco transfers next season?

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On Instagram Galen put “congrats on staying in the draft. If only y’all knew the story” in a congrats post. I think their is high chance Sacramento is going to draft him. Armoni is a very head strong and is thorough guy. I cant see him choosing the g league. Sacremento most likely promised him one of their 3 2nd round picks.


I don’t buy it. CKS was asked a few weeks ago if he was going to bring anymore players for 19-20 and he said no. He said he had his rotation ready.

Kellen liked the tweet from Rothstein saying that Mills is going to have to step up immediately. I’m guessing that’s what he’s “liking”.

Who is going to be captain(s) next year now?

It opens the door for Hinton to start at the 2 instead of the 3 as well.

so we’ve now lost 4 of 5 starters from last year

The overseas trip comes at the perfect time.


i dont think it was ever going to be armoni…he was too timid
i think the emotional leader was going to be nate hinton regardless

the directional leader (telling people what to do) was going to be dejon…

and a sleeper pick is justin gorham, when i was posting the highlights on social media, from everyone else responses, i can tell Justin is very respected among the team…and when all the memphis stuff was happening he was the was posting the “bring it on” type posts and the other players were liking it …


Welp…no way to spin this one. Big loss, and likely significantly limits our ceiling next season.

I think Brooks would have benefited from another year of seasoning, but I don’t begrudge someone for going after the $$$, and he gave us three great years. Hopefully, he gets drafted high.

I have zero doubt that Sampson had a plan for this, and it does look good for our program to have players going to the NBA. This will also provide good opportunities for the younger players.

But it’s a massive loss for us next season in terms of rebounding, defense, three-point shooting, and leadership.