Armoni Tested NBA draft process and found that he liked it a lot but it didn't like him back

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Armoni was a decent defender but not great so the loss might not be that big on that end. But he was a very good rebounder for his position and an A++ shooter.

But everyone thought we’d be a worse team two years ago after losing Dot and we got our first at large bid in 25 years. Then we lose Rob and have our best season since PSJ. We’ve got the right guy overseeing this. But getting an impact grad transfer like Mack would make things much easier.


OK, so how many scholarships are available now?

2 for this season, 1 for next season

That is assuming no one else leaves, which i highly doubt

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Will be extremely surprised if Jarreau is back for his senior campaign.

How many times were we in offensive purgatory last year and Armoni would hit a timely 3? We are going to miss him badly.


Wow, did not see that coming. I wish all the best for Armoni and hope he gets drafted and makes a roster, but this feels a LOT like Demarcus Ayers.


No doubt and his senior leadership would have been invaluable. But I wish him nothing but the best and ill definitely always remember him almost carrying us to victory against Kentucky.


Pes I can’t wait to see Gorham play for us, and am glad he’s super competitive.
If we have a couple sets with Him and gresham opposite each other low just outside the key, deeky up top and two good shooters at 40 degrees, i’ll prolly just about pee myself.
Imagine the confusion that could make, especially since gorham can shoot and they’ll have to pull out of the lane if he does.

This foo blokt me lol


Start looking for signs of the apocalypse, I think you are 100% right on this one.

Honestly, I’m not sure Ayers made the wrong move. He managed to hang around on practice squads for three years and got to play a few games on an active roster. It’s doubtful staying an extra year would change that and he’d have another year of concussion Tom’s offseason on his body.

Greenberry definitely should have stayed though.


didnt see this coming, but this is a positive thing imo. We prolly getting more early exit players or even one and done in the future. we just need to reload.

Unless grades were a problem, I don’t understand this move. Hope it works out for him but I still think he needs to get stronger.

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It is Brooks’ right to turn pro. He has to do what he thinks is best for him, not UH. I don’t see him on an NBA roster next season. He can not go by anyone off the dribble, but he has deadly deep range. He will definitely make some money in the G league or overseas next season. Brooks was a pleasure to watch for 3 seasons, and improved every season. I will miss watching Robinson, Davis and Brooks play, but Sampson has guys on the roster that have the potential to be better than all of them. Let’s hope next year’s roster is as coachable as those 3 were.


He could be more NBA ready next year, but he’s probably not going to improve his draft stock much as a senior since it’s not like there’s one glaring weakness in his game that he can fix in one year unless he somehow becomes a drastically better ball handler over the offseason. If he gets drafted in the second round and gets a partially guaranteed deal, it will have been a smart move. He’s basically just losing out on a year of free college and top level coaching and S&C. He’ll get the latter two if he can make a 15 man roster.


But the opportunity for life changing money is hard to pass up…

Will miss Armoni but I’m not jumping the ship with a life preserver over this. We will obviously have less ammunition than we would have with him to start the season but there are many players that have a chance to step up. By conference play, we may not be missing a beat. By post season play, let’s be honest, up until the second half against Kentucky, Armoni was more of a utility guy rebounding and getting hands in faces on defense than being a huge offensive threat.

I don’t know many that thought Corey was going to step up enough to not only replace RGII but also lead us deeper into post season. No need to panic just yet.


Thanks, Shaggy. I was thinking the same thing but didn’t want people to think I was disparaging Armoni. Armoni turned out to be a tremendous player for us, but let’s not forget that CKS himself said Caleb Mills is the best offensive player he’s ever recruited at UH. That would include guys like Armoni, Corey, Nate, and none other than Rob Gray. Caleb will certainly need some seasoning, but him enrolling last year and spending half the season with Alan Bishop and practicing against a Sweet 16 team every day should mean less of a ramp up period for him. Even with Armoni leaving, I’m still really, really excited about next year.

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