Armoni Tested NBA draft process and found that he liked it a lot but it didn't like him back

The Rockets promised Clyde they were going to take him and picked the Louisville kid instead…can’t remember his name.

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He probably thinks he can’t get any better as a player. He got 3 years of CKS coaching and Coach Bishop’s physical training.

Rodney McCray

I don’t disagree. I just really hope it works out for him. Seems like a good kid and he gave us 3 really good years. He certainly has NBA range and touch. It’s the handles and defense that concern me.

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This is underselling him. Even though the percentages weren’t great, he scored 10 points against Ohio State and 17 in the AAC tourney loss to Cincy. He also had a really good game @ Cincy to win the conference regular season championship.

His floor spacing also opens up the game for everyone else, even when he’s not hitting shots since teams are so focused on not giving him any room to shoot. And saying “other than Kentucky” seems like it’s kind of minimizing him carrying us back against the best team we played all year (which is the same thing he did against the second best team we played all year).

It’s a very big offensive loss. He’s one of the best shooters we’ve ever had. But I agree we could be as good or better if some guys can step up and/or we get someone like Mack. Antoine Davis would be nice right now.

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I agree. I just think we legit went from a Final Four Team, to a 1 and done team. Hope I’m wrong.

I hope you are too!

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Yeah. I knew a debate would soon follow but it’s a no win situation to tear him down. Will just let others make their counter points and move on.

From Coach…


Too bad Antoine Davis won’t consider coming here

" HOUSTON : The Cougars took a significant hit on Wednesday, as Armoni Brooks confirmed that he will be keeping his name in the NBA draft. That means the Cougars will be losing their three best perimeter players off of last season’s team. Kelvin Sampson is terrific, but that is going to be a lot to overcome, and should probably drop them out of the preseason top 25."

Let the writers disrespect the depth of this team! We weren’t a preseason ranked team last year and ended up in the top 15


something interesting about armoni leaving is that it kinda reveals a perception of this team that i didnt know

a lot of non houston fans saw armoni as our unquestioned best player, leader and saw him as player that as supposed to carry us next season…

i never saw armoni as that …i always saw him as 1 part of a 6 headed offensive juggernaut (G: him, dejon, mills, hinton… F: White, Gorham)


Gives us a chip

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Rodney McCray??!

He was probably more in between the two. I think I remember Galen after the season and maybe even CKS talking about how Armoni was going to be the leader next year.

a random thought that just went through my mind…

if no other addition are made we all naturally expected caleb mills to start…

if gorham is as good of shooter as Sampson has said, cant gorham play the 3?

Based on the limited video, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to be able to really guard wings as his primary assignment. But the video is very limited and he’s not really defending in it, so I’m going more by body type and how he moves. I guess it’s possible but I don’t really see it based on limited information.

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Wish him well and hope he succeeds. He raised eyebrows with his range when he rallied UH against Kentucky. Am convinced that if coach had gone to Armoni instead of Davis those last two possessions , we would have made the final four.


I liked Brooks game, but never saw him as an NBA player.