Armoni Tested NBA draft process and found that he liked it a lot

one week befoer he left, he said he was coming back, 2 weeks before that said he was 100% coming back … he knows his stock isnt high in the national media…i think he gets drafted becuase that was too quick an about face …


I hope so, but I fear he is broke.

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Just listened Texas Top 100 Podcast episode #4 on twitter and they had a 10 minute segment for Armoni. Armoni mentioned that he is betting on himself and said the summer league is viable option for him to join a team…he acknowledged it would be hard, but teams said they would like him on their summer league team.

He mentiomed too that the nba draft committee said he is projected to go undrafted. They sent him an email saying that…

Thursday will be interesting for our Coogs and a lot of other college teams


that wasn’t encouraging … it sounds more like someone in his circle is over-hyping him than a promise

im hoping he was being coy, and trying to not reveal things he was told…because if i was just going by that interview armoni might have ditched his senior year for a summer league spot


Bummer. I am not surprised and am disappointed about him losing his Senior season. Next year can be special.

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I just dont get his thinking on leaving.

Unless its gone up. G League pays $7k per month over the 5 month season w housing and health benefits. There are call up/affiliate bonuses for a %.

The well paying overseas leagues (for ex: Spain) usually go after the crazy athletic drivers/dunkers and hulking big men for its USA guys.
They have European sharp shooters and stretch big guys.

Where is he going if the summer league doesn’t work out vs the huge potential of another year at UH to work on his driving & passing.


I think alot of the players get bad info from people and everyone want to have that 7 figure salary, which is life changing for these kids. Unfortunately, most will never achieve that…and your career is ruined. Staying in school, IMO, would have been the best choice to have something to fall back on.


If I am not mistaken the Gleague raised the salary to $125k to entice the top high achool players.

that was for non declared high school kids, not all players

I’ve said it before the culture among NBA scouts is graduating seniors are not valued. They look at them as “oh you played through all of your eligibility and didn’t come out early you must not be that good.” That sucks for college hoops fans like us but it’s true. Armoni’s stock could not have risen that much this year with Deeky taking over at the point and Mills chomping at his heels for minutes, IMO.

So it’s not that he’ll get drafted. It’s that if he isn’t getting drafted this year after a S16 run he’s probably not next year either.


This is kind of true but there’s a causation/correlation thing working. Scouts probably have a bit of a bias in preferring raw talent, but it’s without a doubt true that the better pro prospects generally are going to be gone by the end of their freshman or sophomore year. When you are 22 and the top end players you are playing against are 18-19, you should be dominating them.

People can help their pro prospect though with another year in college, if nothing else by being more NBA ready when they get their first look in summer league. I’m not sure if Dot makes it and sticks around in the NBA if he leaves a year early.


Armoni’s younger brother c/o 22 could be a player in the future


lol i was literally going to mention this last week but decided not to post it…because 2022 is so far away

but brooks brother is already dunking as a freshmen in highschool, and from the stats that his dad posts he does the overwhelming majority of the scoring on his aau team. he also looks barely shorter than armoni (looks 6’1/6’2-ish)… if he continues to grow, he could be an elite recruit, but depends on how tall he gets
lamelo ball was 5’11 as freshman, and now 6’8 as a senior…as a reference that kids can grow a ton in that span


I do not think Brooks will be drafted.

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i have not seen a mock draft where any Coog gets drafted

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i posted in the other thread, shooters are being way overvalued, there is reason to feel optimistic

jordan poole was projected 1st by no one, late second by a few …undrafted by many …he was just taken in the 1st round for shooting

22 picks left to go.

I wonder if Tako will be drafted?