As a P5, would we become part of the problem

I have often wondered that if we actually do make it into a P5 conference, would we remember our plight as a G5? Would we regularly schedule the quality G5s programs OOC or would we hide behind our new found P5 status and perpetuate the P5 vs G5 divide? What say you?


I would hope we would look for quality OOC games…G5 or P5, whatever the case. I would hope we would not forget where we came from


We would not forget and play G5 teams. Rice, Southern Miss, Tulsa, Tulane, most AAC friends…etc.

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I think we would be one program that wouldn’t rampantly disparage “G5” programs. We’ve had to work for everything we’ve gotten and nothing has been given to us. Plus we are one of the few schools with “P5” level success (SWC) that’s had to claw back to relevancy.


Are we scheduling many up and coming G4 teams now? The goal is pretty much to schedule games that will benefit you in some way. P6s usually schedule G4s as cupcakes, for exposure in the area, or convenience…ect. our goal will not change based on what conference we are in. Schedule the teams that are best for UH. We can’t play all G4s. It’s up to the fans though to not be all arrogant and pretend we are automatically better.

We would forget. Some fans had the same moaning and groaning when we scheduled Lamar. Would the rest of the games be fun? Yeah. but our OOC would be something convenient and “easy” and if they’re home you know we are gonna say “no ones going to go its hot and its just a scrimmage, idk why we scheduled them they dont bring fans” (im guilty of forgetting also occasionally)

Yes, but Lamar is a FCS program. CUSA, Sun Belt, MWC, MAC, any left behind American Athletic Conference members would all be FBS teams/opponents. Big difference in shunning FCS vs FBS programs based on your P5 inclusion or even now as a FBS - Non P5 program.

We would play Rice every year, Tulane and Tulsa often. Texas FBs teams like Texas State, UTSA, North Texas regularly. Anytime who wants a game.

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The unfortunately truth is, once one gets to the top, they typically do whatever it takes to stay there, even if that means doing less desire able things like hiding from g5 teams. It wouldn’t take many losses to good G5 teams to make us quickly decide its not worth playing them…

Not true at all…you prepare for g5 like you do p5…some don’t and the results show.

Go look at the thread about 2 more years of Rice and the moaning going on.

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A certain coach(wont say names because this thread isnt about him) put a certain jersey or name on the floor (idr) and then we got beaten at their house. I just think eventually we would forget our struggles and see them how p5 see us. Im not saying we should not at all… but we might. Theres also more to lose at the top.

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Pfff. I don’t care. If we ever get that big time money, I want natural grass to make it back onto the field!!!

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