As I see it

Positive- Tune’s toughness- defense is much much better and when tackle is made their seems to be more people around the ball versus last year.-punting was better
Negative- dumb flags need to correct
One thing I have noticed is our run plays seem the take time to develop so if the defensive line backers are watching our line men pull which they seem to do on almost every run play then the line backers do not need to be in the box to stop the run. I just seems if we have a couple quick hitting run plays that would help.

Did I miss count but on the Navy onside kick near the end of the game. Did we have all 11 players near the ten yard marked and no one deep?

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This is the best team we have had since 2016. How good, I guess we will find out.

I like Tune’s toughness as well. I love his arm.


We had 8 on the line, 2 behind them and 1 deep.

Place kicking is outstanding so far also


That kicker rivals Matt Hogan.

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It doesn’t seem like much but Payton Turner"s block extra point was huge. The kicker missed his next two field goals. It also came after a big play by Navy and took some of that momentum away.


My 88 year old Mom told me today the cougars played great and she is ready for Saturday.


The one thing that sticks out to me…and other teams…is that our defense loves to lay the wood to anyone and everyone. All blocks and all tackles are seriously physical. Love seeing this team have swagger on that side of the ball (although the secondary needs some work).


Its still going to be a tough year. There are going to be some exciting games that will go either way.


Definitely. I got us at 5-5 with only 10 regular season games.

Your 88 year old Mom is a special lady. Go Coogs!


The sound of the hits by the UH defense stood out to me while watching the game. I was impressed with the front 7 defensive unit. The mental mistakes by the secondary were disappointing - otherwise I don’t see Navy scoring those two first half TDs.


She bragged about you calling you calling her Jeff. Thanks, it meant so much.

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