As the resident White Sox fan .

I’m pretty excited about the articles I’ve seen today. My Sox aren’t that great (loads of talent in the farm system-future); however, they could be pulling off one of the coolest regular season games in 2020.

Been to Dyersville to run the bases, pretty cool. If you haven’t been, you should go visit next time you’re in the greater Dubuque metro area . . . . if ever.

It’s not heaven, but it is Iowa.


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I was in Dubuque…once…felt no need to ever go back.

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As a part time Iowan, transitioning to full time, I think you’re giving Dubuque too much credit.


2005 Man…still not happy about 2005!


I was at Games 1 and 2 back in 2005. It was exciting and I knew we’d win. Cold, rainy, crappy Chicago weather just like we like it.

Your Stros are great now, so be happy in the" now". I may never see another WSox WS win in my life, Houston has a chance to do it again this year. Good luck.


Oh, Roger Clements was aging badly in that series, but Congrats to your White Sox!

Bud freaking Selig screwed the Astros again that series. Had to have the roof open even though the team hasn’t been forced to have it open before or since.

Never understood why McLane kept being loyal to Selig; Bud screwed us every chance he could get.

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This one angered me. You use the advantage you have and the refusal to allow the ASTROS to play off the stadium being closed was wrong, IMO. The Acoustics would have been in the Astros favor…

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