Asking for another favor

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Hey guys,

I’d appreciate if y’all would click on my latest via Gridironnow on how Alabama and Georgia’s seasons, and inevitable showdown in the SEC championship, will be determined on how their coaching staffs handle their respective QB controversies.

Yes I know it’s not UH football, and I’m all for needling the big bad SEC last year concerning UCF’s national championship…but this is business and I’m “catering” to a different crowd.

Thanks and I’m looking forward to covering another season of Cougars football!


done and done

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You got it

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No problem Jim, done



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Done, Go Coogs!




done and forwarded to my Bama fans.


OKAY JIMMY! Can we get some detailed Broncos coverage too? Ha

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I clicked and got this:

404 Page Not Found
Try reloading the page as the site is up and running… we just need to get you to where you want to go.

If you are the manager of this site, please log in to your customer portal at for further assistance.

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Thanks everyone. Red, I just clicked and it came up fine. I’m on a laptop now though.

And who knows, maybe at the end of the season I’ll write an article on how our undefeated Coogs deserve to be called national champs over whichever P5, 2 loss team wins it? lol smh



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Done. Do you only get one click through per IP address?

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Jimmy, my dream of dreams is that one day you’ll be writing SEC articles on the Coogs. I know it’ll probably never happen, but one can always hope.


Did it.

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I’m not sure. You can click as many times as you want though. lol