Asst Coach, Ryke Dismuke, leaves program


Bad post…read what I wanted to believe…not what actually transpired. Wishful thinking on my part.

Apologies for posting here on FB, but for us who have followed the program for years and have been so disappointed in what the program has become, this was not unexpected, but welcomed. Our 8th place finish in the conference tournament was the icing on the cake. While I hate to see anyone lose their job, that’s the nature of the coaching profession. Best of wishes to Mr. Dismuke in his future.

The success of the women’s program gives hope for the future for the men as well.

(Patrick) #2

Needed to happen. Program had fallen badly this year and the near future isn’t bright. Time to bring in someone that can get us going again.

(Tom Green) #3

Can’t agree more. This year was bad!


Correct. Not to disparage any current players or recruits, but improvement will be a process, probably won’t happen overnight. Lots of upside for whoever comes on board.


unfortunate but necessary

(Ben) #6

So I gather from this tweet that only our associate coach has moved on & Coach Dismuke is still here?


It looks like you are absolutely correct. I overreacted when I read the tweet and took it to mean coach was gone. I guess wishful thinking on my part. I apologize for the mis-leading thread and information. Mods, feel free to delete thread…totally not what happened.

(Randy ) #8

This is the assistant coach. Not the HC.

(Tom Green) #9

Oh shoot. I forget that unbelievably they have same last name and are not related.

(steve saxenian) #10

I don’t think an assistant coach leaving is going to make any difference one way or the other


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Changes should be made at the top to get results

(Tom Green) #12

Yes, I agree. Head Golf Coach has had several yrs to make an impact and it just hasn’t happened. I thought he was one leaving didn’t see where JD wrote Associate. Top Dismuke may be gone soon also.

(Mike) #13

You may be right. I tried to help the program but they weren’t interested. Meanwhile I worked with a dozen golfers (serious amateurs) who dropped an average of 5 strokes from their game. Some days you just cannot give it away. They did refer one player but his performance issue had nothing to do with his skill set.

(Mike) #14

It’s a natural thing for the HC in any sport to start by firing the assistants in an attempt to save his job. I like Coach D and hope he can salvage things but that clock is ticking.

(Mike) #15

As any golfer knows so well, golf is 70% mental. And half of that is learning to manage performance anxiety. We’ve all watched even pros fall apart following 1 really bad shot. They blow up their score trying to recover from a bad lie in the rough. Pressure will do that. As they used to tell us in the Army, you lose your head and your ass goes with it.

(shharper01) #16

79, did you play at UH or elsewhere?
Dallas area seems to produce excellent golfers. Assume Houston does as well.

Did A&M fall off any when coach joined UH from their program? What’s missing?


The big difference between 2009 and the first 5 years and 2019 and the last 5 years has been the recruiting. The performance of the program has demonstrated that player by player comparison. Hopefully we can get a strong assistant or associate head coach that is a very strong recruiter.

Both Ryke and Jonathan Dismuke are outstanding golf technicians and strategists. No doubt about it. But for some reason their recruiting has fallen off. Just go back and look at the recruiting from the two time periods. The Roman time period versus now. The talent level isn’t comparable.

Chris Hill was the assitant during the first half decade and was a tireless recruiter who owned the Canadian market from his own Canadian roots along with his overall recruiting skills. Chris was national mens golf asst coach runner up one year and number 1 the second before losing Chris to a head coaching job out in California.

Hopefully Jonathan can go find an excellent asst or associate head coach recruiter to restore the mens golf program to where it was 5 to 10 years ago. If he can land some really good help on that front it will take a couple of years. But really good assistants move on quickly in this sport also looking for head coaching jobs so you need to be ready to replace your good assistants also because the good ones move on to the next gig to either get more or better experience or to land the head coaching job they are praying for.

You only get 4.5 scholarships for Div 1 men’s golf so you can’t afford to miss on any one of them.


It was meant as a warning shot across the bow…

(steve saxenian) #19

I think we are way past the warning shot place in time