Astros are cheaters

That is all

So is everyone else.


Baseball is a crooked game. Just ask Pete Rose.

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If Pete thought it was that bad, he probably wouldn’t have bet on it so much.

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Yep and the Astros got caught. The first rule of cheating, don’t get caught.

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Red Sox and Yankees were also caught and punished for sign stealing that season. Big issue is whether they did it after 2017, after the commish made it clear not to do it. So far, no evidence that they did it after 2017.

They’ll get punished like the Red Sox and Yankees did, and they deserve it, but this is becoming a way bigger deal then it should be.


I was listening to a sports analyst saying how the MLB is always far behind other pro sports with rules and technology. She was saying they could solve that issue by communicating through headsets and ear pieces.

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Would make a lot of sense.


They can vacate the World Series or whatever to quell the outrage. I‘ve already wrung every ounce of celebration out of it.

No, that’s not what I meant. Pete bet on baseball games when he was a manager but never on the team he managed. MLB has unjustly black-balled him for life. He broke the rules so he should have been punished in some way but a lifetime ban from the game, and the HoF is just a joke.

With leadership like that, is it any wonder teams try to steal signs, etc?

That’s not right. He did bet on his team. Just never bet against them.

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We don’t know who he bet on. MLB never released what they had on him and he agreed to the lifetime ban in exchange. Then he went all revisionist history slowly as the years went by and the memories faded. He always denied betting on baseball for a long time after his ban even though it was obvious. Then he gave up and decided he didn’t bet on his team. Then he admitted he did that but didn’t bet against his team. My guess is he bet every way possible. But who knows.

I’d be surprised if he’s lying about something he is admitting to. I’m guessing he bet for and against his team too. Either is bad enough though.

Sign stealing has always been part of the game all the other teams do it. I’d be surprised if Washington didnt do it. Ontop of that it was only at home but they were just as lethal on the road. It has been a much bigger deal than it needs to be but I like that they’ve stayed quiet.

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There’s an app for that

I remain unconvinced this the videos I’ve seen so far that have logical holes you can drive trucks through…oh…and Jomboy is an idiot. Or is he an actual parody account?

It rankles me that there is a rule in baseball against sign stealing. If anything, teams should be more clever about signal calling. A rule against stealing the catcher’s signs is as dumb as a rule against counting cards at a casino. There is a word for people who can remember all the cards that have been played…intelligence!


Yeah, this alleged “cheating” gave the Astros such an advantage that it explains why they lost all of their home games in the World Series against the Nationals and won all of their away games!

Also, how did the Astros cheat against the Dodgers again in the World Series when they thoroughly beat the Dodgers in Game 7 at the Dodgers’ own home? I would like someone to explain that to me since I heard a lot of Dodgers fans crying that their team got robbed!

Maybe those alleged “ spying” and “camera tricks” at Minute Maid Park were actually placed by the Astros’ opponents since they always gave the Astros’ opponents an advantage, eh?

The real cheaters are the Yankees that get favorable calls by the umpires in just about every game, especially in the playoffs! They used that favoritism to claim something like 30 World Series titles in their history! That’s why the Yankees have always been the one team that refused to use lasers to make strike and ball calls instead of those unreliable and inconsistent umpires!

I have always believed the reason we hear all of these cryings from the west and east coast media is because their beloved Yankees and Dodgers got beat by the lowly Astros who they have been making fun of all these years!

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It used to be considered cheating if you spiked the ball against your opponents in volleyball until people started watching how the Filipinos played their game with spiking being a major feature of their game rather than being outlawed! The Filipinos showed the west how much more dynamic the game would be if spiking were allowed instead of being shunned!

I also thought the idea of sign stealing being considered cheating is retarded because aren’t you supposed to be studying your opponents’ tendencies and used what you have learned against them?

In boxing, football, and just about every sport I know teams spend hours upon hours studying films of their opponents to give themselves an advantage so why is baseball different? Maybe they like the game being controlled by the umpires instead of allowing teams to do what they can to get a leg up on their opponents?

It’s legal to steal signs by watching. It’s illegal to use electronic means. The system the Astros set up creates an unfair advantage because the road team doesn’t have access to the same infrastructure.