Astros college classic

(David) #1

Anyone going to the games this weekend?

(Marcus) #2

I am going. My cousin played baseball for Mississippi State in the late 90s. I am going to Saturday with him.

(Marcus) #3

Anyone know if they will sell tickets at gate? They are killing me with all these fees.

(David) #4

They normally sell them at the gate.


They sell them at the gate, but be sure to show up a bit early. In the past, there have always been minimal ticket windows open resulting in long, slow lines.

Great weekend to make some noise…all three of our games are against teams ranked higher than us.


We will face Kentucky’s 6’11" giant Sean Hjelle on Friday afternoon. He went 11-4 last year and is 2-0 this year with a .66 ERA.

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(Alfred Matthews) #7

Wont make the Friday night game due to work. I made plans on Saturday night. Will definitely go vs Vandy Sunday night after the UH UConn Game.


Slow starts all around yesterday.

Our Friday opponent #8 Kentucky needed 4 in the B9 to come back on Western Kentucky 4-3.


Long, slow lines is truth. At least it looks like we will not have to deal with freezing our tails off this year!

(David) #10



Should be a fun weekend! Will be there Saturday night and might head on over for the Sunday game after the basketball game.


McNeese takes down MSU. Bulldogs falling apart top-down.



We have our work cut out for us this weekend but today’s game is the real challenge.

Kentucky is #7 in the country and is throwing 6’11" phenom Sean Hjelle (SEC Pitcher of the year and 2-0, 0.66 ERA and .065 BAA - not a misprint). He’s the best pitcher we’ll see all year. Wildcats are hitting .324 and have 16 homers already.

We throw Cumbie who is as hard-luck as you can get. He’s 3rd in the country in K:BB ratio and 8th in strikeouts but without a decision.

Miss State is finishing a 9-game road trip and have already fired their coach. They’ve struggled so far this year. And Vanderbilt is hitting .352and 7 starters have an OBP of .460 or higher. They are averaging almost 10 runs a game.


We will learn a lot about our team this weekend. All three of these teams are solid programs and will be tough to beat. Hopefully the bats come alive this weekend.

(Ben B) #16

Go Coogs!


Rotation this weekend.


Sam Houston scores three in bottom on 9 to tie Vandy 5-5. Extra innings. Going to be a late start for the Coogs

(Patrick) #19