Astros Spring Training Surprise

(Al) #1

Wore my Astros cap with the UH logo on the side to the Astros West Palm Beach spring training stadium this afternoon. To my surprise, saw 4 Cougar fans sporting UH gear: Houston Strong - UH; WhoseHouse - UH; and Plain UH caps.

Great stuff! Cougar signs exchanged with big smiles. Stros won. Nice stadium.

(Patrick) #2

Nice…Coogs everywhere. Glad to see that our fans/alumni are wearing their gear more.

(User was banned for sending threatening/abusive messages.) #3

I’m at spring training in Clearwater/Dunedin (Tampa)- Phiilies, Blue Jays. Always amazes me how the Northeast/Midwest random people like UH & all of Texas hates us.

Even had a few Canadians yelling Phi Slamma Jamma at me.


My wife and I were just talking about the same thing the other day.
You see people wearing UH gear all over the city these days.
Even 4-5 years ago, that was not the case.

(Ben B) #5

Love the Phillies complex. I got to play there, at the Yankees, and at Blue Jays stadium in November for a tournament.