At Large NY6 invite?

Not out of the realm of possibilities:

Obviously I would rather play a blue blood.

But considering how we need some things to go our way to even have a chance at a NY6, I will be ecstatic to play anyone.

Also a great opportunity to establish UH as the premier G5 school. 2 years in a row would be saying something.

I wrote about this possibility the day after the Navy loss. Maybe on a different forum.

Maybe not for possibilities, but out of the rim for reality.

The big boys threw a bone to the G5 allowing one slot for the “have nots”. They are NOT about to allow 2 lucrative slots !!

However, Dinich is basing this of the AP poll. I have a feeling the CFP Committee won’t be as nice. Expect disappointment on Nov 1.

Don’t we still have to win the conference though?

Not if we are an “at-large” bid. Only if we were to get the G5 bid.


You and I have been around long enough and have been through enough that we are more aware of how things go wrong. There’s just a reality to College Football that people caught up in their enthusiasm don’t see. That’s not being negative, as some will likely say. It’s the reality of the situation.

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