At the Fertitta Center? Interesting


(Patrick) #2

Guess they’re going to pull up the floor for that

(The Merry Prankster) #3

So much for the new arena smell …:confounded:


Guess I need to study up on how to post links! Sorry about that. I don’t understand how there is enough room for an event like that? I’m sure it meets the required area but it really seems like a small space for Bull Riding!

(John m Bevil) #5

Word is out what a nice arena is on the UH campus. Bring in the bulls.

(John Simpson) #6

Yeah, I’m wondering if they’re going to have room for “Trash Can Guy” to taunt the bulls.

(Jimmy Morris) #7

Probably wasn’t reinstalled after the watch party anyway. Gotta keep the floor tucked away and pristine. :slight_smile:


Maybe they’re mechanical? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Timothy Q. Chan) #9

Anyone want to sell their floor seats? :smile:

(Cougarpad) #10

Before the PC crowd got Wringley Brothers shut down they use to do their events in the old Summit, Im probably too young to remember but I think it aired well after the Circus left.

(Munzell Milluns) #11

That’s a bunch of bull——-.

(Patrick) #12

Well…there will be a lot of it.