At the sports memorabilia show

Found a guy selling all sorts of UH programs. Wish I had room to collect more stuff’.

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Collectors item is the UH /Notre Dame Cotton Bowl program. Rarest of the modern day programs. Worth in excess of $100. Mine is autographed by Joe Montana is valued at $250


I have a nice, but definitely incomplete, run of football and basketball media guides. I dealt off most of my programs due to space constraints. I kept those from the bowl games I attended (including the ND Cotton Bowl). Most I picked up at the games. But I bought that one years later. It was too cold to even think about buying a program that day. Our only concern was staying alive. LOL

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Did his signature land on the page or out of bounds???


Joe Montana was an autograph guest at the show yesterday. I don’t pay for autographs and I can’t imagine what they were asking for him. In general autograph prices are crazy.

I have one of those unsigned. I also have the next year’s with Nebraska, again, unsigned.