Athlon College Football 130 Team Rankings for 2018

  1. Houston

Reason for Optimism: Defensive lineman Ed Oliver is college football’s top returning player for 2018. The addition of new play-caller Kendal Briles will provide a spark on offense and help the development of quarterback D’Eriq King.

Reason for Concern: The Cougars must replace their top two receivers and two starting linemen from last year’s offense. Oliver’s presence will keep Houston’s defense among the best in the AAC, but this unit has to replace a handful of key players in the back seven.

(Mark) #2

If we develop like we think we should, that 42 should shoot right up.

(Mike Higdon) #3

The problem with starting out that far back in the pack is that you can play as well as those toward the top and even a little better; but unless they stumble, you will never catch them.


This is exactly why there should be no official rankings until at least week 5 of the season.

(PMM) #5

Like most of these magazines…a useless publication.


The one official poll, the playoff rankings, doesn’t start until later in the year. And they still had UCF lower in the polls than the AP and Coaches who start pre-season


Sorry, official was the wrong term. I meant including the AP and Coaches because we all know the committee looks at those.