Attendance Increase

(Dustin K) #1

Just thinking, I bet we have the largest attendance increase year over year in the nation after this season. Not sure if/when that type of thing would be released or announced but could be a good Coog story on a slow news day.


Maybe by percentage, because we probably doubled last year’s (or close to it).

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #3

TSU games will hurt the numbers some but still should be substantial increase.


Quick question anout our renovated arena- was it designed to add seats in the future, if needed?
If so, how many additional seats can it hold?

If not, what are the future plans for standing room only tickets?

(Dustin K) #5

No, I do not think so.


The trend in college is to reduce seats in stadiums and basketball arenas. The UT new basketball arena will seat about 10,000, down from the current 17,000.


Fertitta Center is perfect for UH. 7100 seats. Great sight lines. Intimate.

Televised games. A winning team…



This, this, this. I love the smaller arenas. Much easier to pack them out and there’s not a bad seat in the house. I can’t think of a single thing about Ferttita Center that I would change, other than distribution of men’s bathrooms. Last time I was there, I seriously walked past 4 women’s restrooms before coming to a men’s restroom. I thought I was going crazy!

(Cougarpad) #9

You are correct there are only 2 men’s restrooms to 4 women. The administration and architects made a mistake by designing FC by counting the total number of toilets as more important than instead accounting for the total number of restrooms. If the administration was smart they would convert one of the women’s restrooms into a third men’s restroom during the offseason, but I would not count on it.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #10

I think it is good to allow the ladies more space to be able to get in and out since it is the ladies RRs that normally have longer lines.

I think they should add a gift shop to the NE side of the arena and a couple more food service options would help.


The way they left the concourses open make this a viable option.

(Grant) #12

MOAR merch please!

(Mike Higdon) #13

If they could just redo the entrance - exit to the men’s rooms it would be a real help. It had been so long since we’ve had crowds at the Hof, they probably forgot how the lines were in the old days when we would have packed houses in a 10600 seat arena.