Live in Colorado and had to work during the game - recorded it and watching now… What’s with all the empty seats? Was hoping for better…

It got beyond hot second half and most people left or were in concourse.




I left at halftime. I ran a 10K Sat morning. The heat was brutal.


Yep, I had to go on the concourse halfway through the 2nd quarter because it was getting to me. Came back down with about 2 minutes left in the 2nd quarter and stuck it out, but it was brutal. Took my 10 and 8 year old and they basically spent the game under the overhangs.

Started to sprinkle at half and I was hoping it would continue. Didn’t last long though; maybe 2-3 minutes.


It is painfully obvious a lot of people posting on the board have never been to tdecu. There are big crowds on the concourse and under the seating area in the 300 level visitor side. On the home side there are big groups in the club area from the loge seating area as well.

I wish this board would suspend ticket counts and attendance announced perceived or otherwise. There is absolutely no point to these discussions. Not my board and in favor of free opinion, just a wish to move on.


Today was the first time I have ever left my seat because of heat. Had to hide under the stairs for the 4th quarter.


Agreed on the visitors side, walked over there to the Chik Fil A booth that took credit cards in the 2nd quarter and it was packed. Crowds about 9-10 deep the entire length up until the opening.

Students were hanging out under the concourse as well, but it wasn’t as bad. Home side had a 2-3 people deep crowd under the concourse.

Actually thought the attendance was good. Considering where we were on Wednesday, we moved 5K tickets in three days. Some of the was more students, but the push Friday on the local stations seemed to have an effect.

Hopefully, we beat Tech and folks come out for the TSU game.


Today being an exception (since we were on ABC), I’d rather our games be on WatchESPN and start at 7pm than be on one of the main ESPN channels and start at 11am. Such a better experience for everyone involved.


It was brutally hot. Clouds would offer some shade and you could feel the temp drop by 10 degrees or more. The sun would break through and it was back to crazy intense. The concourses were packed. We left late in the third we were fried (literally).

Good input and perspective. Thanks for providing the “rest of the story.”

I was thinking during the game if it would be possible to construct a giant cantelivered canopy at the top of the upper deck to provide some extra shade. Anything is better than nothing and it’s not really the heat that is bothersome it’s the direct sunlight with no shade. This is why so many hung out in the concourse.

Do we have any examples of stadiums like this? If not, HOUSTON, is the city that invented the dome stadium to deal with the heat…surely our best can come up with a creative solution


I was thinking an artificial cloud, made from the material of weather balloons. Have it tethered to the stadium and adjust its movements depending on the sun to give shade.

But yes, something would be good. It was a 10 to 12 degree difference in temps when a cloud was overhead. It’s not the heat but the direct sun that is brutal


I saw Carl Lewis holding up a thermometer when he was on the field. The needle had gone well past the max temp of 120 on the thermometer.


Brutal hot. Wife is a real trooper but I had to take her to the shade about the time that CMA throttled back in Q3. This was a first for her (yeah, i’m bragging on her). Go Coogs!


I expect many people who barely survived the heat at Rice Stadium last week decided to survive this week by staying home in the AC and watching the game on TV!

One of these days the stupid TV people are going to learn to schedule games for TV in the North in the middle of the day this early in the season, and games in the South later in the day.

Maybe if they turned off the AC in the TV booth they would get the message!


Something. Maybe some sort of awning like in the Roman Coloseium? I dunno man.

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Ok, my crew watched the entire game from 5th row in 103. Good crowd around us until late in 4th. Seemed better to me than Rice stadium. Coogs were awesome. Go Coogs!

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The concessions near us ran out of water in the 2nd qtr had to walk half around concourse for water

We don’t need to spend money for any kind of cover; they just need to stop scheduling games in the middle of the day - in September! Period! Turn off the AC in the TV booth; that will make them understand the need real quick!

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