August 2018 Board of Regents Meeting

This one snuck up on me so I haven’t had a chance to parse through the details.

Link to the Agendas and Agenda Packets:

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Pezman presentation begins at 5 hours, 35 minutes into the video in the OP.

Some things of note:

$3M still needed to meet Fertitta Center fundraising goal
$6M still needed to meet IPF fundraising goal

Actively marketing TDECU and Fertitta Center to host third party events (as revenue generators) and should be announcing some of these events soon.


Really close on the Fertitta Center and IPF goals. Congratulations Coogs!

Yes that’s not too bad for UH. I wonder how much is remaining on TDECU Stadium.

I think it’s $3M and $5M, respectively.

You’re right.

I guess that’s not too bad either since the stadium cost $120M.

UH to use $100 million to renovate frequented core buildings

Dubbed the Core Renovation project, six buildings will receive renovations. Funding comes from the Higher Education Assistance Fund, funding from the state received annually to improve facilities. The improvements to the six buildings will bring better air conditioning, Wi-Fi and improve the interior looks of buildings.

I wonder how dramatic the interior renovations will be. It’s also unfortunate the fine arts building isn’t included in that list.

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