Austin Kendall

So? This name has popped up again on the transfer portal. Don’t know when he got to WV, but did Dana recruit him there?

I don’t know. But I don’t ever like seeing my name conjucted in any way with “Austin”…


The kid was probably named after the man, not the city. If he can help our team win, I don’t care if his name is Bevo.


Wasn’t that the backup QB that came in and took over for the starter in their bowl game against Army? Seemed he more-or-less won that game for West Virginia. They were being beat with their starter in, and they pulled him after the first half. If he has connections to Dana and he’s transferring…hmm…

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I think he was at OU first.

I dunno… I’d have to think about “Bevo”

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Maybe named for Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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Just an observation but on twitter austin kendall is followed by casey smithson who I believe does a lot of work with the transfer portal. This was not the case with other transfer qbs like chandler morris or mordecai who many had hoped we’d try to go after. Doesn’t mean we will get him or anything, but it would at least lead me to believe we are kicking the tires on him. Most of the transfers we have gotten under holgo are people he has prior relationships with through past recruiting, so this would certainly fit the bill in that sense as well.

Not being followed on Twitter by anyone at UH

Hes being followed by casey smithson the director of player personel…

Maybe athletes wanting to stay loyal to CDH is an indication that he has at least some kind of allure and therefore will be good over time at recruiting if only by name and word of mouth through our players.

That said, we need discipline.

And that’s the bottom line!


Cuz Stone Cold said so

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