Australian Wild fires

Living in Colorado, I have experienced devastating fires up close, and have experienced the fear of not knowing how close the fires were do to thick choking clouds of smoke blocking views of less than a block. There have been millions of animals killed do to the fires in Australia and has put some species on the brink of extinction. The firefighters have reported hearing the sound of Koalas’ horrific shrieking as they burned to death.


Please pray for our deliverance from ignorance and greed that contribute to this misunderstanding of these disasters.

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Well put.

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There are fires all over Australia, I am not sure just how ignorance and greed are contributing to misunderstanding. It doesn’t take a whole lot of intelligence to understand that wilderness wildfires kill animals.

From what I saw on the news, there are over a quarter million volunteers rescuing as many animals as possible and this is up front facing the fires.

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Please keep political statements off the forum.

Thank you everyone.


What was political? Please put my reply back up and point out what was political? Is faith or science political?

If that’s the case, then ban the T&P sentiments. Wildfires impact us all.

Is this political?

Deployed at a large scale, carbon capture and storage, or CCS, could significantly cut down greenhouse gas emissions. The International Energy Agency (IEA) says climate change scenarios, including the one outlined in the Paris agreement, can’t be met without applying CCS to power generation and other industries.

At ExxonMobil, the need for CCS is well understood. Over the past 40 years, the company has cumulatively captured the most CO2 of any company. And its work continues today as it develops more efficient ways to scale up this crucial technology.

But before considering the impact of CCS at a global scale, it’s important to understand how it works.

Is this political?

None of the above is political including my answer to Mike’s question. Please add it back, please.

Now this one may be political and if any of the tree hugging liberals complain please remove.

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Lonecat, baiting the mods is what gets threads closed.