Available Grad Transfer QBs

Holcombe? He went to Florida A&M.

Tune without the Black Friday OL would be a solid first year QB. You can’t do much developing when you’re running like a meter maid in Cabrini Green.



Tune accounted for 13 TDs in 7 games. King accounted for 12 in 4 games.

Dual threat Jordan Cooper to UH


People use statistics like a drunk uses a lamppost, for support, not illumination


Yea. But that’s not the whole story.

Tune played hurt for a significant part of the season.

Six of King TDs were running.

King averaged 165.8 yards per game on 52.7% completion

Tune averaged 219.0 yards per game on 59.2% completion

King was a senior. Tune was a sophomore who should have been a redshirt freshman.

King played with Corbin and a full offensive line. Tune did not.

King was sacked 13 times in 2018. King was sacked 12 times in 2019 (in four games) (three per game). Tune was sacked 20 times in 7 games (less than three per game).

I’m not ready to say Tune is the next Kolb, Keenum or Ward. But he’ll be good and a lot better than a bunch of the drama queen-snapperheads on here say he’ll be.


Preach it, Lawbert! Preach it, son!!!


Tune showed promise when he was healthy but he seemed dogged by that hamstring. I would like to have a better Plan B than Logan Holgorsen and a true Freshman… Limited data set, I know, but I would love to have more than Logan Holgi and a true Freshman in the wings. So I hope we can get one of these guys and that they are a good fit.


:joy: …u crazy preachin’ son of a gun!


Game plan…
We get Dillion Sterling Cole would is still in the portal
We sell out on 4* Malik Hornsby (who was favored for Baylor but just lost their coach)…tell him fairy tales about starting as a true freshman

Between Tune, DSC, the 2 freshman, the walk-in transfer someone’s got to be atleast decent

Alright team, operation salavge the season is on… new QB on 3

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Prefer not to waste a ship on a GT qb.

Also add Jack Alison, West Virginia sr from Florida.

Malik is raw as sushi

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Reports said he would not be playing QB at UH

So I actually watched a Duffy highlight reel tonight and completely agree with you now. I think he’s got some talent, but a lot of zone read RPOs with a quick pass to an open first option and quick scrambles. Didn’t see him buying time in the pocket and going through a progression on that reel.

I don’t see him as an obvious upgrade to Tune based on what I watched, but I’d love to have him if he’d come here to compete and the staff likes him.

I also watched a couple of Costello highlight reels. Dude makes some really nice throws. He seems a little mechanical in the pocket and his delivery isn’t super quick, though. I’m behind Tune, but I’d be very interested in him if he had interest in coming here to play for Dana (and of course if Dana wants him).

He’s here as a receiver

Dear Lord! I saw a different Costello. I saw a QB screaming, “Let me in the NFL!”.

I’d take him right now. And I mean even if we had King. That guy would blow up in Dana’s offense.


Added. Makes sense. Dana would obviously have great insight to him.

Yep. Those highlight reels got me pretty thirsty to see what he could do here playing for Dana, throwing to Stevenson and Corbin and letting Tune get the redshirt season he’s been screwed out of two years in a row. He’s 40 to 1 to win the Heisman right now without being on a team. He’s been speculated going to “bigger” programs. But if the goal is to get to the NFL and have a high profile season, this really does seem like a pretty good opportunity here next season.