B1G Commissioner Retiring in 2020, Does Aresco want the job?


I would say Aresco wants to move to P5 more than the AAC schools do.


I’ve only seen that the Northwestern AD is the most likely candidate for the job. Let them have Aresco, he can Big East them!

(Bryant Hargrave) #3

Of course Aresco wants the job. It’s the best job to come available in that realm in at least a decade. I’m already emailing my resume if I’m Aresco.


My guess is, if he is called he will go. Sure hope he secures a great media package before he leaves!

(Trent) #5

Interesting, Delany has been the prime mover on every change to the postseason going back to the formation of the College Football Alliance. This could create some interesting opportunities to make fair and positive changes negotiated in good faith.

(Patrick) #6

Hopefully, if Aresco moves to a P5, he keeps the same tune in regards to the American.


More than likely he’d join the company line and dump on the G5s. If he bolts the AAC should go after Danny White from UCF. Everyone got sick of UCF’s claim to a national championship but the guy is relentless even though he at times cuts his nose off to spite his face, he keeps everyone talking.

(Ben B) #8

Aresco wasn’t the head of Big East when all that went down. He came in after they had added us.


Ah, that whole timeline is jumbled up for me

(Ben B) #10

yeah, I couldn’t even remember the commissioner’s name. Looked it up… Marinatto.

Big East realignment

(Dave) #11

Having been to two B1G bucket list games in recent years and listening to all the talkative alums in sports bars …

It won’t be an easy/piece of cake job to fill for several reasons …

Many of the B1G states are losing their kids and talent to out of state jobs in the south and west and no one to replenish their youth since they don’t return except for Thanksgiving and Christmas …

The B1G schools are barely breaking even $$$budget$$-wise in spite of all the TV contract $$ and rich alums who are getting older and dying off …

One costly scandal can take its toll … especially to some of the older schools and especially to their location in their state … i.e. … MichSt … their campus is scenic but old with many of the class buildings going back to the late 19th century … located in East Lansing … not exactly an industrial booming section of the state but just the opposite …

(Patrick) #12

White would be an interesting choice, but I’m not sure he’d want the job. He’s basically into building UCF up into a brand that gets poached.

I doubt that Aresco is picked up by the B1G, though. Not sure he’s done enough in this conference to get a job like that…unless he somehow gets a $10M+ contract.

(Mike Hull) #13

Yes. See Mike Slive. He basically created CUSA, was then hired by the SEC a few years later, and was an integral part of creating the separation between the haves and have nots that we now have.

(Ben B) #14

I like it. He says to ESPN “give AAC 20 mil a year and then I can go get the B1G commish job and then you have B1G contract when it comes up.” I’ll take the spoils of that backroom deal.