Baby Briles

So what are your thoughts at this point? Mine is as follows.

  1. Really? long sleeves in this heat like his dad-Lol
  2. First half I was thinking he a mistake hire,
  3. 2nd half he obviously made adjustments and the offense played like I had hoped they would.
  4. Hope he gets the offense going the entire game vs Arizona.
  5. REALLY - Long sleeves in that heat!!
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First half player mistakes weren’t his fault, but the team regrouped in the second half and performed up to expectations. Briles did a good job calling the offense. We should be able to compete and beat the Arizona Wildcats.


UH second half scoring drives:

  1. 3 play, 75 yard, 56 sec, TD
  2. 3 play, 70 yard, 48 sec, TD
  3. 6 play, 68 yard, 1min 48 sec, TD
  4. 7 play, 71 yard, 2min 29 sec, TD

If this is any indication for the season to come, I am looking forward to an exciting year.

Long sleeves work but only in white.


I know it’s first game and all, I’m probably paranoid but I’m already worried about UT screwing us again and coming to poach Briles from us at end of the year, Herman will be desperate to save his ass if they have a mediocre year and they can buy whoever and whatever they want!

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I hear ya. One thing for sure-Briles won’t be here forever.

Coaching success here does not translate to success elsewhere.

Brilles, Sumlin, Herman.

New UH curse?


Briles and Sumlin were successful. Baylor was awesome under Briles. A&M’s expectations are too high. Herman’s outcome is pending.


I do not know if it will be texas but if the offense continues to hum somebody is coming for Briles in the offseason. I am personally going to enjoy the ride because it is going to be awesome.

Then we will be left with applewhite and donofrio.


I wore an SPF 50 long sleeve yesterday. It was amazing. It reflects the heat and works. I actually would recommend it. It is not a cotton shirt trapping the heat. Protect yourself.


I guess the question is if Briles were to leave do you move Randy Clements over to play caller and how much of a beat do you miss. Clements has been with art since their stephenville days and is bound to know the offense inside and out. I’d hate to lose Kendal but hopefully Clements wouldn’t be that much of a drop off


I’m not sure why I keep seeing “half time adjustments.” We had two 75 yard drives in the second half of the second quarter. We scored the same amount in the second quarter as we did in the third and the fourth.

It should be painfully obvious that just like Baylor’s first game in 2008 and FAU’s first game in 2017 it takes a quarter or two, to simulate to the no playbook offense in a real game situation.


The first and second quarters were the Applewhite offense. Up the middle on first down, pass in the flats, no line splits. That is vintage Applewhite. When we started running the Briles offense, it flew. The question is why do you hire an offensive coordinator and then override him with your failed offense.

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This is total and complete fabrication. From the outset, it was Briles’ offense - WRs split out wide, OLine gaps, vertical routes. The offense failed to execute and the oline to get a push on runs (It didn’t help the starting RB was dancing instead of hitting the hole).

I think a little of it was, let’s not open up the playbook and show Arizona what we got at the beginning. However, when Rice smacked us in the mouth, Kendal had no choice but to go full throttle.


So the 50 yard reverse to Stevenson and the 40 yard bomb to Lark were Applewhite’s offense? Kudos. Didn’t know Applewhite had it in him.


Two Thoughts

  1. Herman’s ego is probably too great to allow another offensive coordinator, with his schemes, to run his show. Remember Herman is viewed as an offensive genius so I doubt he’ll let have anyone as his OC to challenge him.
  2. If Briles has a tremendous year and it comes down to losing Briles …or Applewhite. I hope our administration see the forest for the trees and let Applewhite go and promote Briles to head coach.

Adjustments were made before halftime.

Aside from Terry Mark’s fourth quarter fumble, the offense played great for the last 3 quarters. Averaged over 10 yards per play in each quarter.

Q2 - 17 plays, 181 yards, 2 TDs
Q3 - 6 plays, 145 yards, 2 TDs
Q4 - 17 plays, 179 yards, 2 TDs

Q1 was a struggle. 23 plays, 75 yards, 1 FG. But it was the first game. On the road. Geez.


Kendal is a great hire


He is like a bandaid on the wound from the Applewhite hire. Difference being, he’ll rip himself off if he is successful enough this year. People forget that he went to Texas too. If we have a great year offensively and Herman’s offense continues to struggle like yesterday, expect Herman to offer Kendal more than Applewhite is currently getting paid.


Applewhite’s buyout will be too prohibitive for us to offer briles the head coaching gig.

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