Bad Cat defense . . . .

The turn around in one year on defensive line and backers is outstanding. So far Oline is doing really well, also. Fun to watch a team that has competitive lines . . . . . This was supposed to be our bi-annual vacation/away game trip. Wish we were there . . . . .


Missing those crab cakes.

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I hear that!

I had been looking forward to the trip this year.

Good work by the defense, too. :slightly_smiling_face:

But crab cakes. :angry:

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Yeah, I’m very impressed with the D-line and linebackers. Hopefully the secondary tightens up.


I miss blue crabs, east coast and Prince Edward Island oysters.

I love my Gulf seafood, but those Chesapeake Bay oysters…well, let’s just say I’ll travel for them.

And still missing our top DL new comer.

Hope we can get Paul, Car and Singleton back for offense.
Hope we can get Anderson and whoever else has been out and can till play… Really hard to understand all the defensive players not playing and their situations are


Lobster Rolls in old downtown Annapolis. Enough said.

Ever since Dana has been here it seems there is always someone/few missing in/on defense.

TBH, I think he was resting them up. Obviously even with Navy’s passes they hit, we didn’t need them to win this game. Let them be rested up to chase UCF’s wide receivers all over the field.

I like the crab cakes at Friendly Farms.

We went two years ago and we stayed in the hotel with a bunch of the navy players’s family and they came to visit that Friday night. Really cool.

The crab cakes were made with lump crab meat and I haven’t ever had something like that on the gulf coast. It tasted like a fresh ball of crab in light breading. All the food was very solid and I will likely go back in 2 years. You can walk downtown Annapolis near the campus and it makes for a nice afternoon.

I spent time when in the Army in D.C. visiting on Chesapeake Bay but never Annapolis. Great sea food in that part of the world.

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