Bama/UGA Winner Should Have an *


Been talking trash this AM with my Aggie brethren…boy do they get hot when you say needs an * didn’t beat UCF…SEC SEC SEC is ALL i hear from those bozos :slight_smile: , UCF would be a 5th place team in our conference. Or in other words one spot above TAMU


Every team, every year gets an * until they have a real playoff like the rest of earth.

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Whenever someone says, “X team playing in X conference would have only had X-number of wins”, I say “prove it.”



Even the talking heads at ESPN this AM are saying need to go to 8. Could it happen by next year ?

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IMO, even though eight would be a step in the right direction (as long as one of those automatically goes to the best of P6/G4), the problem doesn’t lie with the number of participating teams. The problem is a “committee” composed of people who are beholden to the P5 and - even more treacherously - ESPN making decisions on behalf of the entire collegiate football enterprise. This committee meets behind closed doors, with no oversight or transparency, deciding who does and does not get hundreds of millions of dollars.

That is the real problem.


The problem with eight is UCF was ranked tenth!

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Not the College Football Playoffs should really be known at the ESPN Playoff Invitational. The committee and the playoffs are controlled by them and they choose who to include or restrict.

This is not a true playoff. That would resemble something more akin to the FCS.

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And if it were 10 teams, UCF would have been 11.


Once again Division IA football is the only sport where an undefeated team is not necessarily the champion. In every other sport and every other level of football if you win all your games you are the champion.

To the talking heads who say that a four team invite is a better system, I would ask if they propose having a committee at the end of the year pick the best four basketball teams and just start the tournament with the Final Four? If it is such a good system, then why not?

I am for any progress that is made toward determining the champion in football that moves the decision from the board room to the playing field. I wouldn’t let perfect be the enemy of good here; while I support an auto bid format for ALL conference winners, I would be willing to compromise in order to get the playoff to 8 asap.

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I mentioned this in another thread - if Aresco is going to ever push for inclusion, now is the time. Make headlines during and right after the Championship game to make P6 a reality. And the push needs to be more than empty words, strongly worded statement letters to the editor and “P6” tweets and helmet stickers.

Time to earn that paycheck, Mike.

Otherwise, the AAC will have to wait until the next time a conference team goes undefeated and wins a NY6 Bowl.


Maybe do something like a 12 team playoff. Give the American an auto bid (we have earned it) and also another G5 champ bid. It gives the top 4 a huge advantage of a bye week for being the best teams, and still can make ESPN people happy when they make an undefeated G5 team play on the road in the first round against a 2 loss P5 team. At least there is a path to the championship though.

First Round (Dec 9th)
Byes: Clemson, OU, Georgia, Alabama

#12 Boise St at #5 Ohio St (Boise probably gets killed this year)
#11 UCF at #6 Wisconsin (UCF would win this)
#10 Miami at #7 Auburn
#9 Penn St at #8 USC (great Rose Bowl rematch which would get huge ratings)

My 2nd round projections (Dec. 16th):
#11 UCF at #1 Clemson
#9 Penn St at #2 OU
#7 Auburn at #3 Georgia
#5 Ohio St at #4 Alabama

You can keep bowl games too for the semis and for losers:
Playoff: Sugar, Rose (Jan 1st)
8 losers: Fiesta, Cotton, Peach, Orange (Dec 31st/Jan 1st)

Championship - Jan 8th


What’s it matter? UCF could only muster #12 before yesterday. Undefeated WMU managed #15 last year. We were #18 with our bad loss to UCONN in 2015.

Only chance for a G5 to crack the top 8 would be to have a schedule like ours in 2016 and run the table. Have to convincingly beat two highly ranked teams AND go undefeated, imo.


In the AP and Coaches polls. CFP poll had them at 12.


No auto nothing. Lots of problems with the BCS but at least they used some objective logic in addition to polls.

I believe the only fair way to select playoff teams is with a computer algorithm that can look at the season’s results and pick the teams.

Conference champ means nothing.
Opinion polls mean nothing.
Cold analysis of results means everything.

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Eight Team playoffs?
G5’s are out automatically like we were this year.
The only way for the G5’s to get into a playoff? 10 Conference Champions and six at large.
The bsbcs and cooruptcfp were created to exclude the G5’s from getting a share of the tens of $Millions.
Why is it so hard to understand? We/G5’s are screwed and the P5’s like it that way.

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All of this seems basically true, except for the premise that the championship playoffs are for the P5’s benefit. It is all for the benefit of ESPN. Make no mistake about it. Every bowl game half time was about the two late games Monday. Every one. Every one. Every one. I was sick of hearing about Alabama, Oklahoma, Georgia and Auburn . . . . . It’s all about ESPN making enough money to pay their idiot announcers big salaries and to keep their owners pockets full . . . . .

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This is good. From the rumors, most ESPN employees are toeing the company line with all the layoffs going on. Maybe this is an effort by ESPN to try and push the NCAA schools to go to an 8 team playoff. For ESPN, it would be a huge moneymaker if they can add more playoff games to their schedule.

Problem with the playoff isn’t ESPN or the networks, problem is the old school folks and the Rose Bowl. They are trying to keep the status quo instead of moving forward and they are hurting college football. Those folks need to move on and allow for new blood.


The 8 team playoff will not help because the playoff committee will make sure that in the final poll no undefeated G5 team will be higher than 9th and some 3 loss SEC team will be 8th. The whole system is inherently corrupt. Either go back to just using polls to declare mythical champions or have the NCAA run a real championship.


True. It blows my mind how the big bowls can’t see how a real playoff would be a huge cash cow for them. Even the mid-sized bowls could cash in if they went to 16 or even 28 teams.


I would hope they don’t do neutral sites for any expansion. That would be a disaster for fan bases and hard for programs money wise too. If its an expansion to 8 teams, just have 4 home games for the top seeds.