Bama Week

(Dan) #1

I live in Knoxville. The real UT has Bama this week. Lately in the SEC, a minority of fans have the following thoughts during their “take a loss to Bama” week.

  1. Just play the freshmen and walk-ons this week. No need getting the good players injured or losing confidence.

  2. They don’t go to or watch the game. What’s the point?

I’m aware USF is not Bama and we are not in the SEC, but there is no way we are beating USF in Tampa. That’s just how our 2017 football team rolls. Good news is the other games are winnable. So feel free to make this a Bama week. Because that’s where we are as a program now. Accept it. This post featured a lot of sarcasm.

(shharper01) #2

I didn’t get much of the sarcasm. Are points #1 and #2 correct? In A&M’s case, #2 wasn’t correct. I believe they had a SRO crowd. So you really mean that UT fans are super pumped about the chance to knock off #1? Well, sure, but USF isn’t coming to our stadium. But #25 Memphis came to our stadium last night on ESPN after beating us last year at their house. #bullweek


The “real” UT is 0 - 4 in conference so I don’t think Alabama is the problem. In fact the SEC East has UT, Missouri, and Vanderbilt that are a combined 0 - 16 in conference play.


Not really on topic, but I can’t imagine there’s a more frustrated fan base in college football than Tennessee. They show no signs of turning a corner. If there’s a lesson, it’s that a traditionally good program can fall on really hard times and it isn’t easy to get back up. I sure as heck don’t want the Cougars to go through another dry spell, but it’s easy to see how it happens.

(Patrick) #5

Saw Chad Morris being rumored to Tennessee.


It generally takes major programs 3 to 5 head coaches to recover from losing a great coach. After Royal retired the Tsips went through 3 coached before the got Mack Brown. How many coaches did Alabama go through between Bear Bryant and Nick Saban? Unfortunately we don’t have the luxury of being able to afford 2 or 3 bad hires.

(Alan Tran) #7

Wouldn’t Mike Norvell make more sense since he’s been in Tennessee for 2 seasons?

(Patrick) #8

My guess is Morris’s agent is working hard to get his name out there. I imagine that Morris isn’t happy that Herman was hired at Texas while he’s still sitting at SMU. Remember that Morris beat out Herman out for the SMU job before Herman landed at UH.

(Alan Tran) #9

Makes sense. Can’t really go wrong with either


I clicked through to the original article and they evaluated 4 probable openings, Nebraska, Tennessee, Ole’ Miss, and Arkansas. Three of the four have AAC coaches listed as the should hire coach. Frost at Nebraska, Morris at Tennessee, and Norvell at Arkansas.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #11

I see Butch Jones coming back to the American (Big East).