Basketball Heads to Georgia Tech to Open Season (L 69-38)

The game will be aired on the ACC Network Extra which can be accessed by clicking HERE. Full game notes can be accessed by clicking HERE.

I thought this team would be more competitive. Need a point guard and someone who can shoot from the outside. Maybe its just me but disappointed hopefully they turn it around.

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Gonna have to figure out a way to replace Angela Harris’ and Serithia Hawkins’ leadership and production. Those two were rocks the last 2 seasons and they’re both gone.

Hoping this was just opening night jitters On the road and that we’ll get better. Georgia Tech was decent last year (even though we beat them over at TSU), but we should have played them much closer than we did. 2-17 from 3 and getting out rebounded 53-26 basically killed us.

Oh well, on to the next one.

Starting the season with a 30pt loss, not good, something is wrong with this picture…Maybe we need a cast of new characters…

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1 point. One point in the entire third quarter. Let that sink in.

I think you are onto something!

Throw 500K at Rice’s coach.

In the entire history of UH Women’s Basketball, no team has shown that degree of ineptness. ONE point in a entire quarter, is a feat that probably will never be duplicated by a team at this school. That is just sad, and by the way when will Hughey hold his usual press conference to address that horrific effort.

Maybe coach Hughey will eventually get things turned around, but let’s face it, if this were the men’s program fans would have been calling for his removal. I know he has a good class coming in, but really disappointed with this group already…

And you have a person across the street who just came back to coaching and won by 20 last night with probably the best point guard in the city at this point.

Lol. I don’t think WBB program is no where top priority for Pezman. He just gave CRH a big raise just a few months ago lol.

I just don’t know with the new facilities and momentum of the men’s bb team didn’t he just hired someone better 🤷

They made the WNIT last year, so he is probably OK fior this year. Hopefully it was a first game of the season thing…

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