Basketball roster has been updated

Football roster update not yet.

Plus Deeky

He is listed.

Either they added him or i missed him

The potential with this group of guards is off the charts.

Who is Ryan Elvin? What did I miss?

Elvin is a walkon and was reported last summer early fall.
Has real good skills and a shot.

Deeky may still leave but staying can definitely pay huge dividends.

Here’s hoping that it means he is staying.

I think it would mean a lot from the leadership standpoint.

EDIT: See new revised roster in thread below, edited to show roster heights and weights.

There is a lot of weight loss in your roster.

Since when is Tramon Mark a point guard?

Any word on the Tyson kid from his year of practice with the team?

Doesn’t matter what type of guard they list Mark. We play them interchangeable and just means he is capable. He will not likely start off playing a lot of PG in his first season.

He’s a sniper


I know, he is just not a really good ball handler/distributor so it was interesting to see. He is a slightly bigger version of Mills.


mark isnt a true point guard, he is more a combo guard likely just a typo on the site…

with that said mark is a really good passer, mark adapts to whichever team he plays on…similar to dotson, people questioned dotson as a passer becuase he had little assists for us, but dotson ended up with like 7 asts per game in the Portland invitational (pre draft tournament for draft prospects)…mark wasnt a passer in high school becuase the team needed scoring…in the top 100 camp (a camp where the top 100 prospects as decided by the NBA come together for a half camp, half round robin tournamant), in those games mark lead the entire camp on assists per game, and by a margin


I took the weights off of last year’s roster or recruiting info and haven’t updated those, just the players. See revised list below.

I thought we might have to fire the training staff… and the cooks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Too much ruffage!

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